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your sales motivation

We salespeople go through much of the same information when we read books, read blogs and look for sales ideas. The traditional sales pitch is that it’s all opinion and there’s little data to back up most of the claims in the book.It’s all about making sure customers come to the store with lots of enthusiasm when they meet them. Then talk about your services, your products, all the features and benefits of your product and why they’re better than your competitors.
they are better than your competitors. The best performers are improving dramatically, and this trend will only accelerate.

The average salesperson is actually a failure, but most of us have learned that we have to convince our customers to do business with us. business with us. I don’t think he even needs to be qualified and should be disqualified. Because the reality is that at least half the people you meet aren’t the right people to do business with. What should you do with this prospect? Put it on him and he’ll immediately feel the pressure.We want to do things we oppose, so the traditional mindset of overcoming opposition kicks in. We’ve all heard this idea of overcoming
opposition. We proactively avoid these objections by asking real questions to understand what our customers want, and exactly what solution they need. exactly the solution they need, and communicating what they want next. If you’ve done a good job work, there are no objections.

What makes us money and what creates value for us, and I realized that it couldn’t be
replaced by machines. For a very long time, the best people have been spending most of their time in front of qualified customers, He’s looking for a specific technology that I can offer.
I don’t know if he has money. You don’t know anything until you actually know these things. No prejudices, purely logical logical purchasing decisions are always made on the basis of « I envy this person ». I trust this person. they really care about my well-being. These are not things you can tell them.

There will be dinosaurs in your industry that will no longer exist. I’m not talking about companies. So, in your industry, it’s the salesman who’ll be gone in about five years. don’t let that happen. This dinosaur has put some of these ideas into action. There are two kinds of people in cities. There are people who talk big game and people who play big game. . It’s up to us every day to decide which category we belong to. be able .

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