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Each of you has something you are good at. Each of you has something to offer. And it’s your responsibility to find out what it is. I was raised by a single mother and had to work and sometimes earn my own living. She couldn’t always buy what the other kids had. She didn’t have the money to send me to school where the other kids went. But she said it was important for me to get an education. So she decided to let me do the extracurriculars on my own from Monday to Friday. But she had to go to work, so she could only be there until 4:30 in the morning. As you can imagine, I wasn’t exactly happy when I woke up at 4:30 in the morning. I often slept at the kitchen table. But whenever I complained, my mother would look at me like this and say, « I don’t like it either, boy.

I sometimes felt alone and I didn’t feel like I belonged to a group. Because of this, I was always unable to concentrate at school. I did things I’m not proud of and got into more trouble than I should have. My life could easily have turned into a nightmare. But I was lucky. I had a lot of second chances. I was able to go to university, study law and pursue my dreams.

My current girlfriend had something similar. Neither of her parents went to college and didn’t have much money. But they worked hard to make sure she, too, got into the best school in the country. Some people may not enjoy these benefits. Maybe there’s no adult in your life who can give you the support you need. Maybe someone in your family has lost their job and needs money. Perhaps you live in an area that doesn’t seem safe. You have a friend who encourages you to do things you know aren’t good for you. But after all, there’s no reason not to try. Where you are now doesn’t determine where you’ll end up. Nobody wrote your destiny for you. Have you ever been envious of someone who has more advantages in life than you? It’s good, but it’s good to stop now. Because pros become cons and cons become pros. The lucky ones don’t, but the unlucky ones do. Why is that? Because the harder the better. In my opinion, being born rich is one of the worst human reincarnations. If you’re the son of a rich man, everything’s already taken care of. You live in the shadow of your parents and whatever you do they’ll tell you, but it doesn’t matter, it’s normal, you had money, your parents helped you Thanks, it’s too easy for you. If my parents were rich, I would have succeeded too. And to be appreciated, you have to do a job ten times better than your father. And yet, I tell you, it’s because you had the money in the first place. On the other hand, if you have nothing, imagine 50 cents. He leaves with nothing and 9 bullets. He’s in a bind. No one believes in him. Then he becomes 50 cents. It’s a story that’s told.

So pros and cons are pros and cons. Anything you don’t lead to getting more of what you want. But whatever decision you make, we want you to be a part of it. I want to do my best. I know the media sometimes gives the impression that hard work will make you rich and successful. Whether your ticket to success is rap, basketball or reality TV stardom. But you’re probably not one of them. The truth is, success is hard. And no matter what you do, you won’t succeed. on the first try. And that’s okay. The most successful people in the world are often the ones who fail the most. These people succeeded because they understood that they shouldn’t be defined by their own mistakes. You should learn from your mistakes. We need to let them know how it will be different next time. Taking on new challenges and being strong from the start is called beginner’s luck. And it won’t last long, so don’t get attached to it. Then I remembered a passage from the Bible that I really like. It says, « A weak person should say, ‘I am strong.' » I love that saying because it applies to everything. When you start playing soccer, let the bad players say « I’m good ». Let a bad singer say I’m good It works for everyone. Back then, I wanted to be a singer, but I wasn’t very good at singing. I was pretty good at writing lyrics and recording in the studio because I had Auto-Tune, but I wasn’t Michael Jackson. I wondered if I could really reach a certain level of singing ability. Are my vocal cords capable? Reaching a level close to Michael Jackson. To be honest, you can find examples other than Michael Jackson, but you know what I mean. And I continued to doubt. But the solution was in these two steps. My child, let the weak say I’m strong. Let me believe it’s possible. Second, get to work making sure it happens. you know what? I’ve been training by myself. You trained alone after that? Yes, and you know, you probably needed it. The moral of this little anecdote is simple. If, like me, you find that you don’t want to sing six hours a day to improve your singing, you probably don’t want to be a singer. Having a problem doesn’t mean you’re a problem person. It means we have to work harder to do the right thing. Poor grades don’t mean you’re stupid, they just mean you need to spend more time studying.

No one is born good at what they do. When we work hard, we become good at what we do. Wait a minute, have you ever seen that young man raise his eyes to the sky as if to say, « But that’s good, what you’re saying makes sense. » Remember, champions come from practicing the basics over and over again, not digging into new things. It’s the basics, not the new, that created the champion. Through repeated practice, we produce great champions. When I play soccer for the first time, I don’t score many goals. When you play a song for the first time, you don’t sing the right notes. we need to practice. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. I do it every day Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. It shows you have the courage to admit you don’t know something. And it allows you to learn something new. So find an adult you can trust. Parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches, counselors. And let them help you stay on track to reach your goals. I hope good things come to each of you. So don’t let us down. Don’t let your family down, don’t let your country down, and most of all, don’t let yourself down. It’s proven that if you do a little more than you think you can every day, over a period of days, weeks, months or years, you can achieve far more than you ever imagined.

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