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the island of gods

Bali is a bit like Iceland. Iceland suffers from over-tourism. Such a comparison may seem strange at first, but I’m sure that friends and acquaintances traveling this year have chosen Iceland or Bali as their destination. The two places, although very different (with the exception of the volcano), are both very popular, attracting more and more tourists every year. The difference, however, is that Bali is part of a developing country that is more difficult to manage, with many of the problems associated with mass tourism.

Bali authentic, Bali smiling, Bali traditional, beautiful Bali still exists and is bursting with vitality. You only have to scratch the surface a little to realize this by walking into hidden corners, turning right instead of straight ahead and looking up or down. As soon as you change your perspective, the beauty hits you and it’s hard to see anything else. The beauty of Bali lies in the smiles, enthusiasm and humor of the Balinese people. Every day we receive an act of kindness, a helping hand, a big smile or a kind word.

The beauty of Bali lies in its bright colors, its joy, its smells, its rays, its flowers and its offerings; the beauty of Bali lies in its madness, in its madness, in its moments of life, its anodyne moments and its great moments, all blended in a raucous and skilfully tuned rhythm, various daily ceremonies, Balinese dances and different shows. If you’re looking for authenticity and beauty during your stay in Bali, sometimes, and often, all you have to do is open your eyes and observe the everyday life of the Balinese. They pray daily, make offerings and hold ceremonies on beaches, temples, houses, streets and schools. You should know that Bali has more temples than houses, because every village and every home has at least one. Suffice it to say that Hinduism is an integral part of the daily life of the locals, and that there are many different forms of worship.

And thanks to TRAVELADVANTAGE, staying at a Balinese resort gives you the chance to live with a Balinese family and experience their daily routine. Wake up to the crowing of roosters and birds, the joyful cries of children, the sounds of families washing, going to work, cooking, the sounds of sacrifices, the smell of incense in the air, the gathering of thunderstorms and see the wind. Swaying trees, smelling plumeria flowers, watching them turn yellow. Living in a Balinese resort in the heart of a village is like touching the real Bali, a great way to live like Bali. To understand the locals and them.

Bali’s beauty lies in its dreamy landscapes, from rice paddies to white sandy beaches, temples, seabeds, skies, picturesque towns and villages, volcanoes, flora and fauna… . People are fascinated by its diversity. And this beauty was often already within us, in front of our eyes, enough to open our hearts to see it. That’s Bali too. Beauty around every corner, beauty in everyone, beauty all around us, and above all, beauty deep within ourselves.

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