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The category of people in the relationship marketing industry develops when they decide to do relationship marketing I know them all and I used to be one of them. There are amateurs and professionals. Amateurs in this business hope to hit the jackpot with little effort. When I took my first steps in this field, I was an amateur hoping to follow in my partner’s footsteps. Fortunately, at least in the short term, the results made me want to persevere. Amateurs have other things on their minds. For me, I always bet on luck. I really wanted to hire this amazing distributor who would make me rich. You’ve probably heard stories of people whose lives were changed by a single hire. Even if some of these stories were true, they wouldn’t do much for our profession because they would encourage people to spend their time hoping for the big prize. Can you be the youngest distributor to reach the highest salary level in the industry? How many other executives are already present in the local market, too many to compete with as amateurs, and their positioning is beyond the reach of other salespeople? and is he better placed than me? Maybe I didn’t have the right ascending line. You’ll get better results elsewhere. The fourth thing I bet as an amateur is to always take shortcuts. I was always ready to use all the tricks of the trade: newspaper advertising, roadside billboards, door-to-door leafleting in shopping malls. Please try to imagine the madness that must have hit me every time I heard about some clever new approach that someone in the world was teaching, using all sorts of virtual tactics to distract me. I finally decided to go pro. Here’s the Wikipedia definition: « Someone who is paid to perform a set of professional tasks, and who performs them for a fee. This is my definition of a professional who is advancing in the field of relationship marketing . » The skills you need to build a great, successful relationship marketing organization confirmation in our profession does more harm than good.

It may be true that it’s better to be uneducated and take a stand than not to use your knowledge, i.e. it’s better to be passionate and ignorant than apathetic and intelligent, but why would you choose to be one or the other? I’ll give you an example, let’s say you need surgery, you go to the hospital and see a doctor, he tells you I’m so excited to have this surgery, I’m so passionate about my work, I can barely sleep, no one on earth wants to help you more than me. Thanks doc, how long have you been doing this operation, he said well I’ve never learned to do this particular operation, I’ve never done it, but that’s okay because it excites me, you feel passionate and wonderful, but eventually you have to match passion with the skill of a professional athlete
Time and time again to prepare for the competition, but when they join a relationship marketing firm. They won’t spend a day learning the necessary skills doctors invest in Relationship marketing companies don’t give them a month to learn and practice, as Malcolm Gladwell points out in his book The Prodigy, Becoming a Professional Player According to his research, a person needs to practice around 10,000 hours to become an expert in their professional field and meet four conditions: hours of practice per day, equivalent to about seven years, and the formula works. Relationship marketing you need about seven years to become a world-class marketer, fortunately, the industry is forgiving of mistakes and you can make a lot of money in that time, you learn to be an expert, the secret is not to be complacent. When I decided to turn pro, everything changed, I stopped focusing on luck, positioning and shortcuts, I didn’t even focus on money, my world changed when I started focusing on my skills and committing to keep training. I suddenly decided to turn pro and my group started to grow.

As anyone can escape my change of attitude and commitment to excellence and want to be part of it. Think of a time in your life when you’ve been around someone dedicated to excellence, whether it’s a teacher, coach, boss or friend, you feel the same way. When you’re in their presence, it’s so inspiring. You won’t become an inspiration to others when you reach a conclusion on this important step if you intend to get into relationship marketing. it’s true and see it’s a real profession if you become a pro you’ll find it great. If you’re still an amateur, you’ll have a miserable existence, you’ve probably noticed that I use the word professional a lot, meaning that intentional relationship marketing isn’t just a project, it’s not an industry, it’s a profession if you do it right it’s actually a career choice it can allow you to leave a job that doesn’t make you happy and give you total freedom. I want you to be professional, because there’s certainly a big road ahead for you. Few people call themselves relationship marketing experts, which is no longer true. Today, it’s not uncommon to hear people say I’m a doctor but I’m also a relationship marketer I’m a construction worker but I’m also a relationship marketer I’m an athlete but I’m also a relationship marketer.

As with any profession, you’ll need to acquire certain skills, so I hope I’ve managed to convince you that relationship marketing is the best path to follow, I also hope I’ve made you understand that if you decide to go into this field it’s best to become an expert the next step is to realize that you’ll need to acquire certain skills but before I look at your skills let me tell you some good news unlike most relationship marketing professions which don’t require you to spend a lot of money to learn your trade, you won’t have to take out a student loan, you can even earn money while learning more about it the profession isn’t unfair, but in fact it’s the fairest business opportunity in the world. the skills needed to successfully develop a great business are easy to acquire and you’ll be amazed at how many people want to help you financially. Your relationship marketing business consists of three basic elements. your business if some people can market their products successfully and you can’t. It’s not the product’s fault, all your company’s distributors supply the same products to consumers, it’s your company’s compensation system.
if some people make a lot of money and you don’t, it’s not the compensation system’s fault, there’s no compensation system for men and there’s a compensation system for women, the compensation system isn’t designed according to age group, level of education or skin color, it’s the same for everyone. The third factor is the most important and if you do, you’re the only variable, everyone has the same product and the same compensation system but it’s you who will make the difference between success and failure, which means now you have to take full responsibility for your relationship marketing business, make a decision today, never blame anyone for lack of results, in fact a kind of epidemic in the world of relationship marketing.

When they have problems, people simply like to blame their failures on their own upline, the people above them in the organizational structure. if you really want to build a great successful company i want to encourage you to do something important i want you to say goodbye to your upline call your open members and say for example i want to thank you for this business opportunity i appreciate that starting is very important to me and I’m very grateful that you’ve introduced me to this company. You believed and now I believe too but from now on, when it comes to developing my business, I’ll use you as a resource and you’ll never make excuses, I can call you from time to time if you’re available , I’ll develop my business and I understand everything starts and ends with fewer changes when you take full responsibility for your career in the next field relationship display. Would you be surprised to learn that all you need to run a great relationship marketing business is these basic skills, they’re not all that basic, but I’m always surprised when people spend very little effort to get them. If we offered a relationship marketing course at university, it would be one of the easiest skills to pursue that isn’t rocket science, and you’ll be happy to know that they’re among the skills to create
Let’s explore them one by one.

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