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The recruitment of prospects

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When considering getting into relationship marketing, a crucial question arises: do I know anyone who would be interested? Many people think that if they know a lot of people, they’ll have a better chance of success, whereas if they know few, they’ll have no chance at all. This logic seems plausible, but it’s simply not true. The majority of distributors (80%) start with an amateur mentality. They never develop the necessary skills and wait to see what happens. Your goal is to not do like them and help your team avoid this trap. It is important to educate your team members about the great potential this business opportunity offers, provided you treat it with respect. Amateurs can only count on luck. A short list of prospects is written on paper, which is a step in the right direction. Suppose he draws up a list of 100 prospects and embarks on the adventure with enthusiasm but little skill. They start prospecting and their lists get shorter. The shorter the list gets, the more anxiety they have. Their biggest fear is having no one to talk to about their business opportunities. I tried to use my parents’ contacts at first and it didn’t take me long to run out of names on my list. Everyone I knew soon knew what I was doing and said either yes or no. It was terrifying, because I felt that if I didn’t quickly find a good distributor, I might fail in this business. It never occurred to me that finding quality people was actually a skill. Until then, in my new career, I had always considered the list as a passport to wealth.

I thought it was enough to have a good list to succeed, otherwise it was failure when I became a professional. I used the people who had founded successful businesses and discovered that professionals saw prospecting as a fundamental skill. Finding new people to contact was part of their job and they weren’t counting on luck. They did not worry about not having contacts for their business opportunities because they had developed a skill that prevented this. The professionals started by drawing up a list of prospects, but they committed to always adding names to it, thus creating an active list of candidates. Make a list of the names of everyone you know. Add negative people, those you hate, your best friends, those who never touch relationship marketing, those who are 98 and those who are 18. Making this list is important because it frees up space for new contacts. As you write down your nephew’s name, think of the people around him and all their connections. Think of all the organizations, groups and experiences in your life. If you do this exercise correctly, your list will count hundreds or even thousands of names. It is not necessary to recruit all these people, it is up to you to decide. But it is extremely important to take the time to represent your network on paper. Keep adding names regularly to your list, professionals are talking about an active list of candidates that keeps growing. Their goal is to add at least two names every day. This skill is easy to acquire, just add the names of the people you meet every day, whether via social media or at new business meetings. Be careful and add two names every day to your list. If you do it six days a week, it will mean 600 new people every year. After five years, your list will be over 3,000 names. You will then understand why professionals do not worry about missing people to talk to. However, I do not encourage you to rush to present your business opportunity at the first meeting.

Add them to your list to make friends and connect. Help them understand what you’re doing when the time is right. Deliberately look for professional relationships and expand your network. It is difficult to make new acquaintances while remaining hidden from the rest of the world. Get out, have fun, sign up for a new gym, take a new hobby, and volunteer for a cause you care about. Find places and organizations where you can meet people. This will not only benefit your business, but you will also make good friends. Invite your prospects to discover your product or business opportunity. Learn how to present your offer. This is the most important skill for success in relationship marketing. If you can’t convince someone to take a look, your future as a networker will be compromised. Contrary to what most people think, you don’t need to have an excellent reputation or a lot of influence to interest others in your business opportunity. I am really satisfied with the quality of your work and your professionalism. I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and colleagues. I tried everything but I was like a hunter with a business rifle, shooting at everything that moved, without worrying about interpersonal relationships. My goal was to recruit someone and my mentality was « some will commit, others not, to the next ». However, this approach alienated me and my recruits failed. After several years of frustration, I studied people who were successful in relationship marketing. I discovered that instead of being hunters, they were more like farmers: making connections, gaining people’s trust and effectively presenting their products. Their goal was not to recruit immediately, but to inform them and let them decide for themselves. This change in strategy made me see things differently. I understood why professionals get good results by being mentors or consultants, by offering solutions to their problems. I also learned that they only advance their products or opportunities when it was appropriate and invite their prospects to participate in events or review tools. This approach based on personal interactions and the use of tools is essential to gain trust and transmit enthusiasm to prospects. Technology continues to evolve, offering new practical ways to educate prospects.

There is nothing better than a concrete tool in relationship marketing to gain people’s trust. Events are most effective because they allow physical interaction and offer social proof. They also provide information about the product and financial opportunities, as well as tangible support. However, it can be difficult to gather several people on the same date. This is why a prospecting tool is ideal. It informs and excites people, even if they are busy. They can listen to a CD, watch a DVD, read a magazine or attend an online presentation. Teach knowledge to do the same. Different companies use various tools and event strategies to ensure their growth. Some use home presentations, others use online presentations. Some prefer face-to-face meetings with the use of magazines and flip charts. Determine what works best in your business, adopt a daily operating procedure and then train your team members to effectively replicate your approach and invite their prospects to join the company. As a professional, invite your prospects to discover a tool or attend an event. Do not seek to expose people and dazzle the world with your wisdom, as this will only feed your ego and not your bank account. Remember, your initial goal is to inform and make people understand, not to win new customers or recruit new distributors. In other words, by separating your emotions from the results and focusing only on education and understanding, everything becomes simple. It may seem easy, but it is not. We all enter this field with the hope of recruiting, but it is difficult to get rid of his expectations. However, remember that we are not hunters or sharks. Our job is to educate people and help them understand what we have to offer them. We act as consultants by offering suggestions on how they can improve their lives. If you focus only on getting new customers or distributors, you will be constantly disappointed and you will see your prospects move away. On the other hand, if you bet on education and understanding, you will have fun and your prospects will appreciate the experience. Be yourself and do your best. Put passion into it and stay focused on your goal. Listen to inspiring music and smile on the phone. Your positive emotions will lead to better results. It is important to understand the importance of communication in our daily lives. Communication allows us to share our ideas, emotions and experiences with others. Without communication, it would be difficult to build strong relationships and resolve conflicts. Communication also facilitates collaboration and cooperation in workplaces and learning environments. It is therefore essential to develop good communication skills in order to succeed in different aspects of life.

Giving a sincere compliment to your prospect is crucial for effective communication. This will make your prospect more receptive. Find something you can honestly compliment your prospect on. When you show your eagerness and compliment your prospect, it becomes difficult for them to react negatively to your invitation. Compliments are rare, but always pleasant to hear. When studying professionals, you will notice that they use honest and sincere praise to put people in a good mood. It fosters relationships, opens people’s minds and contributes to our goal of education and understanding. When recruiting, remember that there are no good or bad experiences, just learning opportunities to become a relationship marketing professional. The best asset is to develop skills to recruit easily in all situations. Don’t want to be lucky anymore, but practice again and again.

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