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The island of Reunion

It is inconceivable to succeed in gathering the totality of the inescapable of the island of the meeting in only one pallet of landscapes and activities to discover is incredible. However I have to make a small enumeration of the things this volcanic rock, which will be able to help the people eager to discover the island clearly if there are things which you planned not to make in Reunion the three circuses especially should not be part of it the first one that of salazie and the simplest of access but especially the greenest of numerous silver waterfalls throwing themselves since the vertiginous ramparts which surrounds the circus will delight the lovers of wild nature which will take an immense pleasure to explore the site registered in its entirety with the world heritage of the unesco one passes inevitably in front of the veil of one of the biggest waterfalls of the island to get to the peaceful village of Creole architecture and the charm of this small town that allows to keep the label more beautiful villages of France and this since 1998 the second cirque and that of cilaos thanks to a single road that I advise you not to make of it not because it is nicknamed the road of the 400 bends but because the beauty of the landscapes that it crosses and will oblige to stop every 100 meters to immortalize the incredible panoramas the sinuous road will lead to the village of cilaos. . Known for these terms with the salutary virtues and for its gastronomic treasures the lenses this circus is also the starting point of many excursions or in that which leads in top of the piton of snows the highest peak culminating during two three meters of altitude then finally comes the last cirques mafate the wildest of the three only accessible thanks to paths of excursion that it is at the beginning of the piton maïdo from the col des boeufs by salazie from cilaos from the west starting from dos d’âne it will lead you all in this cirque where the only motor vehicle that you will see will be the helicopter of provisioning to speak about the piton maïdo there is a few seconds precisely it is one of the rare places of the island where is not necessary to walk to benefit from the landscape since it is easily accessible by car from the top of its 2000 meters .

It offers a magnificent view of the Cirque de Mafate prefer the moment when the sun sets to fully appreciate the beauty of the place and say that the volcano is a great opportunity to climb this monster called piton de la fournaise in the crater simply walk when you first look from the bottom of the crater, With a little luck, the Piton de la Fournaise is one of the most active volcanoes on earth, which can make you lose your footing compared to those around you and out of proportion to you, you will witness one of these remarkable fountains dug by the railroaders after the eruption. I invite you to take a walk on the side of the ancient lava flow that saved the island of several Hectares of land, also ideal to visit the lava tunnels formed by the magma flows and extending for several kilometers, it is obviously necessary to seek the services of a guide for this activity, preferably not claustrophobic.

Another passage impossible to circumvent for the travelers in search of adventures in full nature it is the cascade of langevin and its basin with its crystalline water it is said that it is one of the most beautiful and most impressive cascades of the island and when you find yourself in front you can only approve its statements it is It is also possible to canyon down the river with a zip line and jump from the cascades of death by abseiling, once again to be done in the company of a seasoned guide. the roche verre bouteille is the one I advise to those who are looking for a minimum of effort for a maximum of visual pleasure you leave your car at the parking and you go to make the loop which will offer an incredible view on the natural cirque of mafate on one side and on the magnificent sunset on the other the second hike is more difficult it’s from the more difficult excursion it is of the written rock it is necessary to envisage at least six hours of efforts but believe me that the ratio effect in reward is worth the sorrow arrived at the top which will have the pleasure to dominate the circuses of salazie on the left and mafate on the right with the imposing leaving of snows opposite you. I hesitated between different places for my choice is can appear surprising the Arabic well is a place which particularly liked me for various reasons and the sunrise is for many the agitated sea breaking when the inhospitable rock was a striking spectacle also but it is especially this field of canes which fascinated me these piles of stones that the hikers know well which extended on tens of meters.I wish you to discover more on this splendid island

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