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Digital Marketing Trends for 2023

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Every year, the world of digital marketing evolves. We have seen it recently with the explosion of short videos, the democratization of the democratization of artificial intelligence tools, the exponential cost of online advertising. New strategies are emerging while others are becoming obsolete and marketing tools have an increasingly important place in our daily life as warriors. more and more important in our daily life as Warketeers. and it’s not always easy to keep up. In this video, I’ll share with you the digital marketing trends In this video, I’ll share with you the digital marketing trends I’ll be looking at in 2023 for my own marketing. And why should you
should do the same? Because you’ll see there are some trends that are pretty crazy, starting with video marketing, again and again in all its forms. It’s a trend that’s growing every year. I’m not telling you anything about it, even if there are new formats that are appearing. Soobviously, the long format like YouTube, it has an extraordinary power because it brings a lot of visibility on the platform. There is a huge potential in terms of referencing, again on YouTube, and it’s a great opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and promote your There are the short portrait formats that will obviously continue to proliferate in all the There are short portrait formats that will obviously continue to proliferate on TikTok, obviously, on YouTube, on Instagram. Especially now that YouTube is going to start paying for shorts and Tik Tok is going to do the same and potentially Vine will be able to do the same. and potentially Vine will come back.

Now that Elon Musk has bought Twitter, so short formats, we’re going to continue to eat this up, it’s not going to stop. There are also asynchronous videos that allow you to record a much more personal message to a very small audience, with a simple link to click on, which is great for lead generation. Share skills or knowledge, do online technical support and above all avoid super long meetings and especially avoid super long meetings totally against. There are tools like Loom, Tella, Weet that do it very well. There is also a new trend of video boots a bit like VideoAsk. Just go to TheFuturcom, they show it very well. It’s a kind of chatbot where there are already there are already pre-recorded videos. And then obviously live videos where there will be more and more online sales via streaming. That’s going to be a trend on YouTube. It’s already a trend in China and it’s also going to happen on Tik Tok, in Europe, in the United States, etc. This is also something that we’re going to have to something that we really have to follow at all costs. And why will the video format continue to explode? Simply because it’s getting easier and easier to produce easier to produce quality videos with the tools we have today. It’s often now just a plugin you have on your browser, you click on it, you can start recording your screen, but also your head.

It’s getting easier to publish online too. Often it’s hosted directly in the cloud. There’s just a hyperlink to share via text or email. It’s mega simple and it’s also getting easier to track the performance of these videos online. So it’s all good for your marketing. Another trend is the democratization of artificial intelligence tools. I’ve already made a video about artificial intelligence and how it helps me almost daily to write text automatically with a tool called a tool called RYTR.me. I’ll put the link to the video in the description. that is extremely powerful. There are other tools that are extremely similar, that also exist. RYTR, is certainly one of the cheapest compared to what it offers in terms of functionalities, but I am interested in interested in 2023 is how artificial intelligence will help create images. Because there are the old school image banks that are starting to use these artificial intelligence tools, notably Shutterstock, which has just announced a partnership with OpenAI to use DALL-E 2, which is in fact an all-image text tool that allows you to tool that allows you to just write a few keywords and it automatically generates images based on what you want. based on what you want.

And so artificial intelligence takes care of the rest. Obviously, this raises a lot of questions about the creators, the real creators who make, who create real images and the images that will be
artificial. The balance, the remuneration, all that, all that. But in any case, it’s a trend that’s happening But in any case, this is a trend that is happening with Shutterstock and certainly with other image banks that are not moving. But the same thing is happening with videos. Meta made an announcement on this a few weeks ago, with results that are quite with results that are quite amazing. For example, here, if you type in a teddy bear who is painting
This is the kind of thing that is generated on the fly in a few seconds. And this is going to be democratized a little bit everywhere and it’s going to go even further with tools like Synthesia.io which literally allows you to choose a virtual avatar, a kind of human meta, to write text and to animate this person as if it was a video presenter, even though this person doesn’t exist and it’s a totally artificial way. You see, it’s still quite amazing. It works in in several languages, including French, and it not only allows you to have a kind of consistency on the person who is going to represent your brand in your tutorial videos or your user help videos for example. Maybe internal training videos for your company, but mostly for your external videos.


One day, you’ll have the possibility to create your own avatar following your client avatar or avatars, in a totally artificial way, without having to go and cast real people to
to shoot videos. So obviously you don’t need any equipment to produce your videos, everything is literally done online and in a few minutes, it’s mega bluffing. By the way, it reminds me a little bit of the 80-90’s Max Head Room. If I show you these images, the older ones will remember it. It’s something that was clearly science fiction 30 or 40 years ago and that today is accessible to anyone for a few clicks. Influencer marketing will continue to grow, especially with micro influencers. But not at all for the reasons you think. Why micro influencers? Because it’s been shown that they have a much higher engagement rate, and of course it’s cheaper than the much larger macro influencers. But more importantly, with the rise of social networks, mainly Instagram, Talk and YouTube, brands are trying to identify as early as possible small influencers who have huge potential and try to secure a long-term relationship with them to somehow fund their early career in exchange for a long-lasting and privileged relationship.Which means that today, a brand that funds an influencer may be 10k, 20k or 30k subscribers on YouTube, it’s going to cost them a lot less today to negotiate a relationship over time. And once they have 100k, 200k, 300k subscribers, if that doesn’t happen, obviously they’ll have a privileged relationship from a price point, but also some sort of priority access.

Now that’s a trend that’s happening more and more. Not just on YouTube, on Tik Tok, on Instagram. It’s a strategy that we’re using in our agency and it’s working very, very well. It’s a strategy that we use in agencies and it works very, very well. 2023 will also mark the death of third-party cookies what we call the cookie apocalypse. But what does this mean in concrete terms? It means that without these third-party cookies, the targeting of advertising will become more and more complicated. And so not only will it lose efficiency, but also the price of the ad will increase to compensate for this loss of efficiency. Of course, there is influencer marketing. I just talked about it for a moment, but there is also natural referencing which is one of the most effective marketing strategies. Apart from the fact that everyone knows what to do and we have the time because it’s a marathon. The results do not come in a few days, but above all the collection of proprietary data directly on your marketing tools to be able to to be able to personalize your customer experience to the maximum, especially via a CRM. to manage the information collected from your customers, etc etc. So the cookie apocalypse is clearly not something you should miss because it will have a direct impact on the effectiveness of your
advertising. But there are solutions to compensate for this loss of efficiency. You just have to know what and how to anticipate. If you want to save time and therefore money in 2023, there is also a trend that will If you want to save time and therefore money in 2023, there is also a trend that won’t be missed, it’s the automation of your marketing tasks. The goal of automation is not to replace everything, but it is especially to automate the most recurrent marketing tasks marketing tasks, the ones that don’t require a human hand to perform. This not only allows you to save time, and therefore money, because it will save you a lot of human time on these tasks. But also, it will improve your customer experience because there are there are a lot of things that will be automated, executed to the second, that you will have defined beforehand. upstream.

And so there’s a lot of things you can automate. Obviously email chains but also generating and sending invoices. Collecting and analyzing data from your marketing tools. In short, there are a lot of things you can automate, there are a lot of things you can automate, that you can take out of your daily tasks or those of your teams. Because all of this will be defined by automation tools. We, internally, we use Sending Blue is a Stone, but there are plenty of other tools to do automation. Another trend that I see this year and that I will try to push as much as possible because it’s my job. It’s branding. Because with all the competition and noise on social networks, on the Internet or even in real life, brands are more and more drowned in the competition and are fighting for the attention of their and fight for the attention of their consumers. You can see it every day on social networks, on the number of emails you receive, on the ads you can see everywhere and even in real life with the real life with the exposure of brands that are totally unconscious, that you can see everywhere, on on posters, on printed bags, on tee shirts. In short, brands are everywhere and it’s saturated in every senses. As a result, in order to differentiate oneself, branding becomes a central element of any business business strategy that far too few entrepreneurs consider. All because they think it’s either bullshit or too expensive for them. But these assumptions are totally wrong. Branding, is even a universal skill that works with any kind of brand, be it a product, Look at the early days of the Internet, having a website was literally a luxury product, Look at the early days of the Internet, having a website was literally a luxury item for companies. Today, if you know what you are doing, it is almost free. Before, to produce quality videos, it was extremely expensive. Today, with a few clicks, you can literally have great videos.

Artificial intelligence goes exactly the same way and branding is exactly the same as long as you have good coaching and know what you are doing. If you really do real branding, not just a logo and branding, not just a logo and a graphic charter, but a real branding strategy. It’s something that can literally change the life of your business. That’s what I’ve been doing for
years with my clients, but it’s what I also teach to entrepreneurs who want to change the perception of the perception of their business by working in depth on their branding. I’ll put in description the link to the information, the power of branding is something that can literally transform your business from A to Z. But branding is definitely something that will become more and more important and But branding is definitely something that’s going to become more and more important and that’s going to have to be democratized. If you want to stand out from the crowd. Facing the competition in 2023, there is another trend that should become universal is content creation and the storytelling that goes with it. This is the skill that will allow you to create content for any marketing channel, regardless of its medium. medium. Because if you can create content that has good storytelling and will hook people, well, that’s going to allow you to create any type of post or any type of video for It will allow you to write text posts that are super attractive for your linking page for example. your linking page for example. It will also allow you to create videos that are super catchy and that will get a good witch time on YouTube. It will also allow you to have Tik Tok or short videos on YouTube that will have a lot of retention and therefore will explode.

All of this is based on the art and the way of knowing how to create content and how to tell stories. And so the creation of content should be totally agnostic of any social network. social network. It’s a skill that you have to learn and you have to master to be able to And today, this is very important. Because when we see the algorithm of Instagram which does not stop changing and which can literally make or break in your business, quote influencers. Same on YouTube, same on TalkTalk and same on any network. It’s important to be able to adapt to any marketing channel, whether it’s social networks, texts, Because that’s what’s going to make the difference over time. To adapt is to survive. In this video, I could have also talked about the importance of cyber security in marketing, with all the attacks, phishing, ransomware, etc. that often use fake emails, that masquerade as marketing tools and can literally destroy businesses. Unfortunately it didn’t happen because of a ransomware that killed the company. I could also have talk about Google Analytics Q4 which is also going to be something that will be imposed in 2023 and which will be super important if you want to analyze your site data, your application data, all under the same account. Searching on the Internet, beyond Google and certain texts, notably Voice Search, so voice search, even if I don’t really believe in it, but especially image search, especially with technology like Amazon Snap which allows you to do a very simple search with just an image you found on social you found on social networks for example and find maybe the jacket or the pants that look very similar. This is also a trend that will develop more and more, especially in ecommerce.

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