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How to travel for free for several months

hello Internet users today I’m the quails it’s cold in the weather filming a video in the middle of the mountains in winter it’s not very hand in short that nothing to do with what I wanted to tell you no in fact I receive more in addition to messages from people who tell me I want to travel too much it’s great I want to go on an adventure what is good news but he also bets I have no money I don’t I don’t have a budget, I’m going to have to wait for years, it doesn’t matter, whereas if it’s possible, it’s just that you’ll have to travel differently from someone who has a budget of fifteen thousand euros over a year.

it’s sure so today I don’t want to say how to travel for free and not just for one or two days but over several weeks or several months so before wanting to travel for free you must first know what is expensive in a trip of several months or a world tour like that will allow you to reduce or even add rhyme these sectors of expenditure then in order of importance well the what costs the most expensive it will be first accommodation because you like it or not Internet users in general sleep must be done almost every day so we are going having to find a course where to sleep and if you take an average of about Belgian not 10 euros low accommodation over a year it quickly makes 3650 euros which is a certain budget so it’s something you really have to do be careful about the duration the second thing is transport.

Yes because in fact the more you travel the more it will cost you it will cost you much more a week you will do four places that you will discover and visit rather than the same place where you are going to stay for a week and you are going to explore the surroundings a little so here is that the trip is expensive the third is the activities and necessarily if you go diving treks and hikes all all the two ow days it’s your budget is going to take a lot more of a hit than if you do things that make you happy from time to time at the right times with parsimony so that’s three major areas of expenditure so now I I have given three tips that will allow you to considerably reduce or even eliminate these areas of expenditure so his fairly well-known tips but it’s always good to remember it’s in case there are people who do n’t know them so the first one for transport it’s going to be hitchhiking name of the hitchhiking in south america yvan de cut out take me away wines better than announced not no no that it exists on tv 1 in the 8 p.m. news but otherwise 99 % of the time or even more everything goes well it’s great you have it allow you to meet locals it’s ok you’ll go off the beaten track is really you read nothing to fear and if you have a little apprehension low do it with it another traveler and there we go for the adventure it’s really great and with a little patience hitchhiking you really go everywhere and that’s if you have any doubts you ask the locals is it dangerous or not it really hitchhiking I’ve done it everywhere and it’s really great now for accommodation so there’s something called.

Couch surfing in fact it’s a platform that will connect people people who are ready to host and for free on their couch or even in guest rooms sometimes and in exchange ba all they want is to discuss with you about your culture that you prepare them a little dish from home that now they’ve really been exchanged they’re going to allow me to they’re going to show you their life they’re going to enter their places and that ‘s really great because it’s really people who offered to host for a real exchange to help travelers so the kitesurfing platform is really great t – what I recommend you to do in the big cities, because in the big cities it’s often anonymous, there’s lots of stuff to do and it’s often a little more expensive in terms of accommodation and the market advantage is that the person will be able to host and you will really have they will take you to these addresses to show you their appearance and their vision of the city and that’s great now the other tip in terms of accommodation that going to be having an ultralight aunt always with care why not it will allow you to go knock on doors and ask people if you can sleep in their garden and in the often in most cases if a good feeling it often happens people say well go gold to the gold house inside where sleeps in part of the barn of this of that and it’s really great it allows you to sleep for free and once again to make great encounters and to go off the beaten track in going around there isn’t necessarily a hotel and at worst even if they don’t want you to go home often beat believe all the same and in their garden they almost never refuse and that still gives you a free night all that is well you’re going to tell me but as you told me wow alex you told me that it’s worth free over months and months well I’ll tell you how it goes to travel for free over months and months and that is really great in fact for some time I have noticed that there are more and more travelers who no longer simply travel in a backpack to make the trip.

O really want to open their minds to see things learn to carry out a project and that touches me a lot and in fact they do it thanks because it’s not necessarily people who have more means than others but the bottom thanks to the volunteer t volunteering be careful I’m not talking about volunteering humanitarian mission in africa where you will drop 2500 euros to help small children in africa you don’t only have organizations it’s very good it’s different it’s not the same budget it’s not the same goal no there I’m talking to you about volunteering volunteering is once again I’m not talking about the taste either girl yes because there were some to tell me the wwoofing so what is it is only wwoofing for those who do n’t know but in fact it’s volunteering with organic farmers except that there the echoes that I have I have not done it directly but it has been seen that it is professionals it it hires eight hours a day and was fed housed but you need performance so it’s a small square nice modern age exchange or basically here they take you a little for free labor.

This is SoKule for business

and it’s not always great that’s it c me I have a lot of reservations about wwoofing so you can learn Many things can go well I have more negative feedback than positive because once again the farmers have nothing there, it has to work my guy there are vegetables to produce and well when you come to them in the idea it’s still there it’s 2 fingers to go in a production and commercial logic even if it’s organic so here I am I have reservations about looping no I’m talking to you about volunteering thanks to two platforms which are now known worldwide called el pics and working way and that’s really great and on its platforms there are often individuals from small structures and the deal what are these 4 5 hours of volunteering per day and in exchange you are fed housed but there is a real notion of exchange of sharing and learning in its missions there and that’s what’s great because it’s going to allow you to be in vain to meet locals of really immersed in the local culture if you are stay several weeks or several months to really learn things depending on the mission you are going to do because there are really different types of missions it can be a ranch it can be a school it can be an ecolodge it can being a small inn may have a small organic farm it may be someone who has a second home and in addition it’s everywhere in the world you see your ranch it may be in patagonia your ecolodge in costa rica where your small inn on the banks of the mekong in cambodia and that’s what’s going to be great is that it will allow you to discover the world but not only in tourist mode but also in learning mode and the idea is that you give of yourself and in exchange we’re going to give that it’s not to feed August to stay but also to give knowledge and that’s really great it’s really a great concept is the advantage is that if you’re young you want to swim who type not on it you have no money well you just need to find money to pay for your plane ticket and once there after it’s free you just have to give of yourself and then here’s the kiff it’s going to be really total and bulk savard really great cd great experience.

And no more excuses afterwards for not traveling that is to say that ok there is a guy who has fifteen thousand euros he is going to leave he is going to like it doing his world tour but if you you want to leave now because that’s what it’s called don’t think it’s a time it’s not possible because as I tell you thanks to volunteering you can travel for free you can live strong experiences you can learn things and it’s really great afterwards if you have a small budget and that’s it because alternating a bit of both a bit of sightseeing and a bit of volunteering and that’s really the best I already have done and it’s really great and I encourage you I hope that this little advice i internet user will allow you to stop finding excuses if you quote hesitated to leave that those who already want to leave eybens you low internet users it will confirm you it will give you good advice and good tips to be able to travel cheaper wholesale I hope it will be useful and that you will soon be leaving to travel aïcha internet users

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