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Introduce your product or business opportunity to potential customers

We’ve discussed the first two skills, namely finding potential customers and inviting them to discover your product or business opportunity; if your potential customers are evaluating this tool without your presence, there’s no need to ask them to learn about your tool or attend an event. be done anything. If you’re having a physical experience, there are certain things you need to know, the most important being that it has nothing to do with you. This is something I found hard to accept at first. I read and listened to everything I could find on the subject and took all the training courses I could. I think the most important thing is to become an expert on everything to do with my business, so that if someone asks me a question, I can answer it on the spot – sounds logical, doesn’t it? Sit down with someone and say, let me tell you about our product, let me tell you about our company, let me tell you about our compensation system, let me tell you about the incredible support programs we offer. If you want to build a great, successful organization for me, then the biggest problem is this approach. No matter how much we know, there are always questions that baffle me. Knowing that I present myself as an expert, if I remain silent, it will most likely encourage my potential customers to question everything. The second problem is that most of my potential customers know that I’m not an expert, so when I approach them, they see me as a symbol of expertise. They know this isn’t true, which makes them more suspicious. The third problem is that, even if I gradually become an expert, the other distributors in my organization don’t necessarily have the same desire or willingness to learn, so automatically I become an expert in all events.

With such an approach and without duplication, relationship marketing is just a simple job when I started, this is what relationship marketing was for me a job, there was no duplication in my organization because I brought everything back to myself but I was determined and I began to observe and memorize the way the best distributors made their presentations the pros never gave themselves the leading role plus they never presented themselves as experts they acted as consultant who ensured the link between prospects and the tools, events and other distributors thus ensuring their education if a prospect asks a question they guide him towards the answer without ever giving it directly this disconcerted me until I’m starting to understand what duplication is. The pros knew that he could recruit a prospect. But with their knowledge and experience, they also knew that it would take much longer for new distributors to be able to do the same. So when I heard about a concept like this, they chose a simpler approach. I’ve always believed that in the world of relationship marketing, it’s not about what works, it’s about overlap. This should serve as a guideline for all relationship marketing professionals. Experts rely on their tools rather than their own wisdom. This is a promise made at an event, not a recital. Experts use other marketers to present the facts, but DIY experts don’t present themselves as experts. They simply encourage people to learn more about their products and business opportunities. Third-party input creates passion, enthusiasm and conviction. When I watch professionals work, I see in them a contagious fire that puts their passion at the forefront. In addition to learning how to promote products and business opportunities within your company, it is also important to learn how to present your opportunity to a group of people to effectively present your personal journey. I believe it is true that those who earn money by brandishing their markers, those who come to the front of the room in presentations, generally earn higher incomes.

Being an ambitious person and considering that everyone says it’s an important skill, I was determined to acquire it. I started by learning how to make short, effective presentations. Learning my story has been extremely helpful in growing my business. Even today, people are not interested in the background of your knowledge, but in your story, as long as they don’t die of boredom. I was desperate for a way to make something of my life. I discovered Relationship Marketing in June 2011 and it changed the course of my life. Instead of being afraid of the future, I now look forward to it with enthusiasm. I then followed up with relevant anecdotes based on my current successes. The theme of my story can be summed up like this: If I can do it, you can too. And it worked. I tell it constantly at meetings in hotels, as well as at two house meetings. I’ve noticed that every good story is made up of four elements: one, your journey; two, what you didn’t like in your old life; three, how network marketing or your business saved you; and four, your results or how you see the future. Take the time to write your story and tell it whenever you get the chance. I began to build a reputation for myself in the world of relationship marketing. Remember a few key points when prospecting: You are the messenger and your message should be effortless. Use a third-party tool to capture their interest. Learn to tell your story in a way that arouses the curiosity of your prospects and makes them want to know more. Preparation is key when it comes to presenting in front of a group. When you are well prepared.


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