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The most important email you send will be the first


 Building your list can be a very exciting business. You’ve heard countless stories about the importance of building the mailing list, but something that most new list editors face when we’ve touched on in previous blog posts is the block of the ‘ writer. Knowing what to say to your new subscribers can be a daunting task.

And remember the old saying « the first impression can last a lifetime » … Well, in the list, this can really be the case. So while we’re thrilled to add new

              SCAN ME                                     subscribers tour mailing lists, the biggest hurd  your                                                                        subscribers known and trusted.

Here’s the lean, having a 10,000 list does not mean one thing if you do not get any « action » from those subscribers. So we have to start the relationship on the right foot. Allow people to « know, love and trust » from the start.

Know how to trust

And it starts … With the first e-mail, you send your subscribers!

Here’s what I recommend. Some people in the world of marketing call the first e-mail that you send an e-mail of indoctrination. Basically, you want your readers to become aware of what you are and what they can expect.

I really want to emphasize this point! Who cares! And if you are preparing to give your subscribers a load of content and value during their subscription, this should be stated at the beginning of the series of emails.

Follow this formula for an excellent e-mail « welcome in my list »! First E-mail Formula

First of all – thank you! It is important that you let your subscribers know that you are valuing them and that you are grateful for them. This shows that you respect them and that you understand that you must now show and prove that you appreciate their time.

Second – Let them know what to expect! If you are going to send them content, let them know. If you plan to give them more offers than content (even if it’s not always the best route …), inform them. If they can expect exclusive offers, discounts, live trainings, videos … Whatever you give them … Let them know! Be aware of what they can expect, so there are no surprises.

Third: get them to take action. It is enormous! What I recommend is to follow them on Twitter, like you on Facebook, watch a video you have for them, read a blog post … Everything to make them « do something » so they have The habit of taking action in your Mails. It is also a great way to build the relationship outside of a messaging environment. You want to communicate with your lists, and while email is a push marketing platform, we want PULL in other platforms where conversation can continue.

If you must first meet your subscriber needs and let them know that you are there for them throughout their journey, you can expect a fantastic relationship with your subscriber list.

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