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I’m going to talk to you today about a subject that a lot of people talk to me about, and I do indeed get a lot of messages from people asking me how you can finance this trip. If you too want to do land travel and are looking for financing, I’ll also tell you about the options available. I decided to drop everything and start a life more focused on my passions, what I love or what excites me. After a few months, I realized that a problem had arisen and that I had no choice but to start working while traveling to finance my trip.

I had no idea how to do it before, and I finally succeeded, really anyone can do it, so I’m going to explain it to you today, based on my experience, and even the experience of many travelers I know. For several months, they also managed to find a way to get around while working. Before I explain how to finance your trip, I’ll explain all the options available to you, and you’ll see that there are many.

The first way to earn income while traveling is passive income, so passive income is a kind of income that will keep coming in while traveling, it may take effort once, but it will take time. And working ahead is really the ideal way to earn money while traveling. Some also get advertising revenue on the website or videos they make and for those who are already invested, still invest in the stock market, so the advantage of passive income is that you need little or no time on the move, the biggest disadvantage is that it requires a huge investment of time or money, if you want to write a book or do an online training course, you need to have technical skills, you also need marketing skills to sell your products and services, but not everyone can do it. The downside is that it hasn’t proved to be the most flexible way of working. At work, you have to follow the same schedule as the company that employs your colleagues and customers. Nor is it easy to always have a stable, quiet place to be when you’re on the other side of the world. If you want to stay productive and flexible, you need a good Internet connection.

The world of the self-employed, or so-called freelance world, represents a great tension in nomadic work. There are now over 60 million in the USA and over a million in France, making endless work possible there. Online, everything from web to digital marketing, like translation language courses, everything from graphic design coaching to personal development in health and nutrition companies, and even content, to name but a few. It’s the same as writing blog posts or creating content such as photos and videos on your website.

We manage the entire process 100% independently, from acquisition, sales, etc. to invoicing and, of course, completion of the assignment. Otherwise, there are online platforms for freelancers and a real increase in the number of French-only speakers. Internationally, some speak only English. For example, some are specific to the design field, while others are very generalist, and ultimately vary in level of professionalism depending on the platform.
The French platform, for example, is highly professional and requires all freelancers to provide proof of their freelance status. How does this work? Not all platforms, but first create a profile, then contact the companies that have jobs that freelancers need.

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Depending on which countries you can immigrate to and work in, it can take up to a year, but in the 20+ countries where you can travel and work, it can take up to a year.
Two years in some countries, but then you can go to Canada, China, England, Paraguay, Dubai, Mexico. There are many countries, and you can consult the list online. The big advantage is that you can legally work in that country, but the disadvantage is that you can’t travel the world or move between different countries, you’re limited to one country at a time. If you want to work while traveling, you’ll be traveling on a tourist visa.

Another way to travel while working is to work in lodgings. In exchange for working on real farms and ranches, this means working in accommodation and sometimes with meals during the day. There are other platforms that offer such opportunities, and there’s also a handy construction site, so this will also be done in the construction section, with a little bonus idea at the end. You can also sell your creations such as jewelry, paintings and crafts while traveling.
Just look around you for ideas. In this case, you have to show respect for the locals, as you don’t want to take away their work, but you have to be careful as it’s a bit tricky.
There are a myriad of consulting options available. The earlier you start, the better. You can also diversify your income stream rather than just one, and choose different sources of income. However, this requires design and the journey doesn’t change when you’re not working.

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