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Money isn’t the problem, you are. This article is aimed at people who are experiencing financial difficulties, whether it’s because they spend too much, don’t have enough money or have too much.This approach to energy transformation offers individuals the tools to free themselves from their limitations and inabilities, creating extraordinary and wonderful new possibilities for themselves. She offers methods, tools and perspectives on money that you can use to change the way it flows in your life.It’s never about the money, it’s about what you want to receive. If you want the freedom to live, then money is of no value to you. Most people think money is the solution, but it’s not. Money is never the solution, because it’s never the problem. If you try to use money as a solution, you’ll just create another problem with the money you have or don’t have. Think for a moment: is money your problem? By claiming and owning the truth about who you are, you’re solving what seems to be a money problem.You’re not yet ready to claim and fully own your whole being, however extravagant and wonderful it may be. As long as this possibility makes you act, react or flee, you risk ruining yourself on every level until you have no choice. Are you ready to embrace the no-choice point of view and begin to recognize that the path to creating everything you want is to be as crazy and wacky as you are? In fact, stop pretending that you’re weak, useless and uninterested. People often say to themselves: « If I were rich and had all the money I wanted, I’d stop doing what I’m doing and live a different life ». However, studies have shown that when people win the lottery, after a year or two, they find themselves in exactly the same financial position as before they hit the jackpot. Although their level of wealth is higher, they have the same level of debt, the same limitations and the same financial problems as before they won. It turns out that money is never the answer. If you follow your instincts, winning the lottery won’t make much of a difference. In fact, it will simply give you the opportunity to achieve even greater things than you’ve already accomplished.

The problem lies in your difficulty in receiving you. You are the solution. The real financial problem is that you’re not ready to welcome yourself fully into your life. The biggest thing holding you back isn’t the problem itself, but opening yourself up to receiving. You are the solution. When you allow yourself to receive fully, you realize how wonderful you really are. Everything in your life begins to change, including your relationship with money.If you first receive how great you are and let others see the universe giving to you when it’s rightfully yours, you’ll begin to create what you really want in your life. When you’re ready to perceive and receive yourself differently, that’s where you need to start. So, what should you do to get me to this point in my life? You get completely frustrated every time someone tells you that you’re awesome and great. Okay, you know it, and yet you’ve never accomplished what you set out to do. It’s even possible that you’re nervous about it and that you’re demanding it of yourself. So, what should I do to reach this stage in my life? This is a question you must ask, because the universe will give you an answer if you first ask it and then listen to the answer. Contrary to what you may have been told, the state of abundance and naturalness on planet Earth is very much present. If we look at the natural world around us, we can see that every place is teeming with life and full expansion, as long as people don’t destroy it. Even in remote regions, life is present in unimaginable abundance. The universe is abundant, but it’s when people use cement that we stop experiencing this natural abundance to the full. Deprivation and poverty are only present where man has left his mark. Poverty as a state of consciousness prevents us from perceiving and experiencing the constancy of natural abundance. Seeing ourselves as poor prevents us from seeing things as they really are. It’s a state of mind we create and operate from. It’s time to change our perspective on wealth and abundance.

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These rich people aren’t rich, he says, telling how, after looking around, he wondered if these rich people were more unhappy than he was. I don’t think they are. People with a poverty mentality are often very proud of it, or they think they can only feel comfortable with people of the same social and economic level as themselves, or with people as poor as themselves. I couldn’t feel comfortable with rich people because they’re different, you know. Observe the category you’ve just placed yourself in when you think that the feeling of poverty is not only a state of mind of the poor, but also of wealthy people in good health. Some billionaires all try their best to belittle their gardeners and other staff. It’s not difficult to find good staff, you just have to treat people well. Even if they have a lot of money, they’re not prepared to take all the credit. They think they should control their employees and pay them as little as possible. Poverty has nothing to do with how much money you have, but rather with how you treat others. The use of the verb « to want » is an essential component of poverty. Every time you say « I want », you’re really saying « I need ». If you say « I want more money », you’ll run out more and more. By paying close attention to your thoughts and words, you’ll see how you can actually create abundance. In abundance, the verb « to want » is not part of their vocabulary. They don’t know the word. They don’t know that « to want » is part of life. For them, it’s about having, getting, leaving and letting go. There’s an old American saying: « Waste not, want not, pass not ». We can only fail when we believe we can fail. In abundance, we cannot waste. If you recognize the fact that the verb « to want » means « to lack », and listen to yourself, you’ll see that you keep using it. Ask yourself: what would it take to get the verb « to want » out of a vocabulary? Instead of creating at your own pace, starting from « I want money », allow yourself to create starting from « I don’t want money », because every time you say « I want money », you’re actually saying « I lack money », and that’s exactly what’s going to happen in your life. Try this: say « I don’t want money » 10 times in a row.What does it make you say? Does « I don’t want money » make you lighter or heavier? Lighter leading to a feeling of expansion and possibility, as well as a sense of more space. Perhaps you’ve even smiled or laughed at these explosions. Heavier accompanied by a feeling of contraction, heaviness and the possibility of reduction. If you’re like most people, saying « I don’t want money » can…

The truth always makes you lighter, while a lie makes you heavier. The truth is that you’re not short of money. Saying so shows that you’re ready to welcome it into your life. You can create receiving in your life by saying it 10 times every morning. When those around you say « I want money », you can consciously think « I don’t want money ». Are you worried about money? Do you ever worry about not having enough money? When was the last time you thought about it? Connect with that feeling. Make that feeling infinite, make that feeling bigger than the universe. Not infinite, but infinite. Imagine putting the cursor of a gigantic air pump at the heart of your anxiety, and blowing into it to expand it beyond the universe. Don’t worry about how to do it, it’s just an awareness, and it usually happens as soon as you’re ready to do it. What happens to your anxiety about money when you make it infinite? Does it get bigger and more consistent? Does it become more real, or does it evaporate and disappear? If it does, we suspect it’s certainly a lie. Anxiety may seem real, but in reality it’s not. Now, think of someone dear to you. Make that feeling infinite, larger than the universe. Does it get bigger, more consistent, more real, or does it evaporate until it disappears? Isn’t it interesting when you think how much you love this person, and you make that feeling infinite? You realize that it’s greater than you admit to yourself. How much would you be willing to admit to this person, and if you were really willing to love yourself that much? How much would your ability to receive increase, in your opinion, when you take the love you have and make it infinite? It becomes bigger, more present, occupying more space than anxiety. You realize that you love more than you admit. You may say to yourself « yes, of course I love », but when you allow yourself to welcome this sensation and receive its intensity, you discover how much you really love. It’s as if you were holding back the fear of loving that much. Imagine having lots of money now. Feel the sensation, make it infinite, bigger than the universe. Does it become denser, less? And when you think you don’t have any money, and you say to yourself « oh, I’m broke, I can’t do anything », what happens when you make that feeling or anxiety infinite, bigger than the universe? It disappears. Can you create truth from a lie? Isn’t that interesting? We tend to swallow lies, such as « I don’t have any money at all », and then try to create our lives on that basis. If you’re trying to create something out of a lie, do you really think it’s going to be true afterwards? If you lie to yourself or adopt false points of view, you create limitations that prevent you from realizing your full financial potential.

Most of us adopt this kind of lie and limitation when we grow up, it’s what we consider success, or what I can or can’t have. Whoever adopted it, is it abundance? Of course not. When he realized that he was trying to build his financial success around a lie, new possibilities opened up for him. Instead of going crazy over money, which, by the way, is something we all know how to do very well, instead of being anxious about money or living in a way that doesn’t make sense, he’s able to do it himself; Instead of being anxious about money or living a precarious lifestyle, realize that your anxieties, fears and beliefs about money are not true. When you realize this, you’ll stop believing and creating your life based on something that’s neither real nor true. What we think we can’t afford or can’t have is what has value. It’s valuable not because it is, but because we can’t have it. So we define rarity as so important. Every time you say « I can’t afford it », you’re really saying « I can’t have it ». How many times have you decided that you can’t? If money were no object, what would you buy? This question allows you to eliminate the feeling of needing and not having money. By asking yourself this question, you can choose according to your real desires, without money being an obstacle. If money were no object, we’d opt for the highest quality, most expensive product. However, by removing the financial constraint, we realize that the best item in the store is not necessarily what we need. Sometimes, for 100 euros, you can find exactly what you were looking for in the first place. Rather than thinking that owning the best will enable you to do more, have more and be more, it’s important to consider your own personal perspective. This will help you understand the true value of things to you, and help you move away from the « I can’t afford that » mentality. What would you choose if you chose what was best for you based on the context that drives you to buy something? It may happen that, after asking yourself whether money is no object, you decide to buy the most expensive thing, not by using money as a criterion of choice, but by choosing what’s best for you. Are you willing to pay taxes? Some people resist paying taxes; they’ve decided they never want to pay them again and will do anything to do so. However, this is a bad decision, as it limits the amount of money they are willing to receive. You have to be prepared to receive everything, including taxes. If you’re not ready to pay taxes, you’re not ready to receive income either. Personally, I’d like to pay more, because wanting to pay huge amounts of tax means you can receive equally huge amounts of money. The person who has been asked to collect the tax, but this is not provided for in the Constitution, considers this to be an illegal activity. When you try to hide from the government, it means you’re not ready to assume your fiscal responsibilities. It’s impossible to stay hidden while making money. Hiding part of your life from taxes will eventually destroy you. Reclaim your decisions and assume that you can pay all the necessary taxes. The best defense is to be financially responsible.

Most people, when in debt, think of themselves as debtors. We’ve all lived lives with debtors’ prisons where we went when we owed money. Consider that what you’re paying back is actually old debts. It’s old thoughts you’re paying off, not debts. If you work from the point of view that these are old debts rather than debts, you start to clean them up. Every time you say the word « debt », you activate all the memories of all the lives you’ve spent in debtors’ prison. Free yourself from debt, le crédit. If you have a credit, then you have the right to go into debt, isn’t that great? Have you worked hard to become solvent, so that you have a greater capacity for indebtedness? That’s how it works. If you’re not solvent, you can’t get into debt. Being solvent means having the right to owe more money. That’s nice no we suggest you change your perspective on credit don’t try to create creditworthiness so you can go into debt look for the abundance of your cash value ask how do I increase the flow of cash money what are the infinite possibilities for a phenomenal package of cash money to come into my life .One person took all the credit cards out of his wallet so that he wouldn’t have to carry the debt with him – a very good idea. Then he said that when he had paid off all his cards, he would slowly but surely put them back one by one in his wallet. Let’s hope he’s not insane enough to decide to do that. If you can start living from money in hopes and money flowing into your life, you’re starting to grow. Thinking « Oh my God, I’ve got no money left, I’ve only got a credit card » is a viewpoint that has the power to imprison you, because it’s a lie. Give up your credit cards, find another way to create money, don’t create credit and the debt that follows. As a rich person, you should always have respect for yourself, no matter how much it is: whether it’s $500, $1,000 or $1,500, always keep it in your wallet. It’s not about having a credit card, because that doesn’t work. It’s about recognizing your own wealth by carrying cash. You can have gold coins rather than banknotes, if you prefer gold. You can even have the amount in diamonds if you wish, as long as it’s easy to transport. However, I would advise you not to exchange your banknotes for shoes full of gold, as they may leak. When we ask you to put down 10%, it’s not to invest that money. We want you to be like Uncle Scrooge, remember him? He was Donald Duck’s multi-billionaire uncle, he loved money, he filled his swimming pool with money and dove in. If you want to have a lot of money, then be prepared to have a lot of it around you, and always keep that amount of money with you.

When you always carry a large sum of money with you, tell yourself that it may represent 10% of your budget. Walk confidently, knowing that you can afford to buy what you want, but don’t feel the need to think about it. If an urge arises, you keep control and don’t let greed get the better of you. By being aware of your ability to think, you open up many possibilities for expansion and change, without operating within the limitations of your financial resources. I work from the following point of view: I have money in my pocket, I have $1,000 in a drawer at home. I play with the money, throw it on the bed and roll around in it because it feels really good. Have I ever looked at my money, what does it look like, what’s the effigy on the $100 bills? I know because I carry a lot of them. They’re beautiful, yes that’s right, they’re beautiful and I carry them with me. I like all these dollars, they’re cute. If I change my mind and think that money is cute and I love the way it looks, maybe I can receive it more easily.

How can I get from A to B? When I do this, my mind goes to work to find an answer. It’s important to stay in the question and not try to figure out how. By looking for an answer, I limit myself because my mind can only define what I know. It’s essential to remain open to the infinite and the limitless by asking questions. By living in the question, I open up an infinite field of possibilities. Ask yourself: what would have to happen for this to happen? By asking this question, I create an invitation for the universe to offer me opportunities. It’s important not to feel blocked by thinking that things are limited. I can do many things and be who I want to be. The key is to remain open to all possibilities and ask the right questions. It is essential to ask a question in order to receive an answer from the universe. Simply asking « I want more money » is tantamount to saying « I don’t have any money », which is not a question. It’s important to always formulate a precise question to understand what needs to be done to make it happen. For example, ask « What’s right here that I don’t understand? » or « Are there aspects of my life where I feel I have only limited choice? » instead of limiting yourself to two options. It’s crucial to connect with the infinite capacity to welcome everything that comes our way, and not to see ourselves as a small speck of dust in the universe. So it puts me in what is limited. I can’t become the infinite being that I am, and I suppress the possibility of change. Instead of asking myself what’s wrong with me, I ask myself what’s right in this situation I don’t understand. It’s important to understand that asking questions can activate awareness and open up possibilities for change in your life. Use this question to uncover what’s right in a situation you don’t understand: « How can this become even better than that? » This question can give you the clarity you need to change things, whether in difficult times or when things are going well. The text emphasizes the importance of continually asking the question « how does it get even better than this? » in order to perceive, know, be, and receive. The author suggests that if you want to improve your work, financial situation, business, or any area of your life that is not working, there is something that you are not perceiving, knowing, being, or receiving. The text also states that as an infinite being, you have the infinite capacity to perceive, know, be, and receive. To create a life without limitations, it is necessary to be willing to perceive, know, be, and receive. The author recommends repeating the phrase « What can I perceive, know, be, and receive that I am refusing to, that I dare not, that I must never, and that I must also perceive, know, be, and receive that will allow me total ease and clarity? » 30 times a day for 3 days.

Or you can use the simplified version what should I perceive know how to be and receive that will allow me to you can put whatever you want in the dotted line this question unlocks the places in your life where you don’t show up and don’t manage to do what you want if you do this 30 times a day for 3 days somewhere between the 3rd and 4th day you’ll start to look at things in an inspired way you’ll suddenly say to yourself but how did I not think of it rather you couldn’t think of it rather because you refuse or don’t dare or you think that you should never perceive or receive something or you think that you’ve recorded glimpsing or receiving something or you think that you’ve never been able to do it. this very simple question will reveal your limitations what can I perceive know how to be and receive that I refuse don’t dare never have to and must also perceive know how to be and receive that will allow me ease and clarity with 30 times a day, This will start by changing any part of your life that isn’t working the way you want it to. You have 10 seconds to live the rest of your life. The world is full of lions, tigers, bears and poisonous snakes. They will eat you. You have 10 seconds. What will you choose? If you live your life in 10-second segments, you’ll realise that you can’t make bad decisions. If you live your life in 10-second segments, you’ll realise that you can’t make bad decisions. If you live your life in 10-second segments, you’ll realise that you can’t make bad decisions. If I love for 10 seconds, I can love whoever I want for 10 seconds, no matter who it is. I can hate someone for 10 seconds, I can divorce my girlfriend for 10 seconds, and I can love her again for the next 10 seconds. By living in 10-second segments, I create a sense of being in the moment. Most people don’t live in the moment and are always trying to create a plan or a system so that the future happens exactly as they want it to. But there’s only one place to live, here and now. Everything else is killing us. As people move on with their lives, they wonder how they can do business in just 10 seconds. In 10 seconds, you can decide if you want to talk to someone, find out if they’re available, know the 10-second segments that force you to stop thinking and get into the know. In 10 seconds, it is possible to begin to break with the conditioning that pushes us to understand and plan everything in advance, to learn to choose and to be present. It’s impossible to judge in 10 seconds, because it’s there and then it’s gone. By prolonging the agony of our lives by judging ourselves and seeking to resolve what we have judged, we are simply asking ourselves: « I did that for 10 seconds, now what would I choose? How long do you punish yourself when you think you’ve made a mistake? If you live in 10-second segments, you can’t afford to do that, because you won’t even remember it. That’s the good news. By practicing the art of choosing your life in 10-second segments, you begin to create choices and opportunities to receive money. Instead of creating out of obligation, saying: « I have to do this, that and the other », it becomes possible to create out of choice.

The text highlights the importance of focusing on the choices we make in life, rather than simply pursuing our desires. It suggests that society often influences our decisions, but taking the time to reflect allows us to realize that we have the power to change our lives by choosing differently. The text poses a thought-provoking question – if we only had 10 seconds to decide the rest of our lives, what would we choose? It emphasizes that each day is an opportunity to create a fulfilling life by letting go of past limitations and selecting what truly brings us happiness. Living in the present moment means not dwelling on past decisions, but continuously creating our lives, moment by moment. By choosing to break down barriers and actively constructing the life we desire, we become the architects of our own happiness.

Décroître doesn’t mean that you have to physically destroy something, it doesn’t mean that you have to end the relationship. What you’re deconstructing and growing are all the decisions you’ve made, which give you greater clarity about what’s possible. You unravel and unravel your decisions, your judgements, your obligations, your frustrations, your manipulations, your projections, your expectations and all the things you’ve decided are going to happen in the future. How do you do this? You say, « Everything I knew yesterday, I know and believe now. » You can unravel and unbelieve anything you want, you can say, « Everything that my relationship was yesterday, or my business, or my financial situation, I unravel and unbelieve now. What is possible now? » You remember how. It was when you were a child did you start each day thinking about all the things you had to do or did you want to play and have fun if you destroy and deconstruct your life every day you can get out of bed every morning with the question what kind of possibility can I create today or what else is possible if you do that you will create a totally different reality you will create the enthusiasm of youth. Because I won’t be the same person I was yesterday, who am I today and what great and glorious adventure will I have after I’ve destroyed and destroyed your life? Here’s another question you can use: who am I today and what great and glorious adventure will I have if you kill and create yesterday? You can start creating your life as an adventure instead of an obligation. Truth and lies: truth always makes you feel lighter, a lie always makes you feel heavier. If something makes you feel heavy, it’s a lie for you, whether it’s a lie for others or not. Never give your power away to others by telling yourself they know more than you do, you’re the source. Every time your attention gets stuck on something, it means you have a truth with a lie attached to it. Ask which part of it is true. The question of what part of a lie is said or unsaid, what part is true, is often at the heart of our reflection. Most of the lies that capture our attention are the ones that are not verbally expressed. They continue to haunt us, prompting us to question. When a thought keeps recurring, it is important to ask ourselves what part is authentic. The answer often brings relief and a sense of lifting a burden. Identifying whether a lie is spoken or unspoken, and then determining what it is tied to in a specific situation, helps untangle the threads of truth. Once the lie is identified, it loses its power and becomes a reality that can be accepted and overcome.

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When thoughts keep coming back to you, it’s important to ask yourself what truth the answer will help you feel lighter. Next, we need to identify the lie, told or unsaid, which is usually the one that is blocking us. By identifying this lie, you can free yourself. It’s interesting to note that when we act without judgement, we recognise that we are all that is, including ourselves. In our universe, judgement simply doesn’t exist. By letting things be as they are, we achieve a state of letting be. In a river of thoughts, ideas, beliefs, attitudes and emotions, you can feel like a rock around which everything seems to revolve. This is an interesting point of view, because acceptance is different from simply letting go. When you’re in acceptance, you let yourself be carried away by the current of your thoughts, ideas, beliefs, attitudes and emotions. We can then align ourselves and be in agreement, creating a positive polarit y, or we can react and act, creating a negative polarit y. In either case, you get swept along by the river. By adopting an open-minded approach, we can ask ourselves whether there is some truth in all this, rather than reacting immediately. By resisting or aligning ourselves with a point of view, we create limitations. Adopting an unlimited approach can be an interesting point of view to explore. How does this work in my daily life? I’m walking down the street with a friend and he tells me he hasn’t got a penny left. What do I do? Poor thing, it’s all about alignment and agreement. Really, it’s resistance and action. I know he wants to borrow money from me. Interesting point of view. That’s good. That’s good. Does someone irritate me? He or she is not the problem. The problem is me. As long as I’m irritated, I’ve got a problem. I lock myself in the toilet and say or think: interesting point of view that I have. For each point of view I have, until I get past them and I’m in the clear. At that moment, I’m free. It has nothing to do with how others react to me. I have to be free of them. If they’re the worst imbeciles, I have to let them be so that they can change. I don’t have to align myself with them, agree with them or like them. Nor did I want to sister, act or go anywhere. None of it is real. I allow, honour and respect their point of view. Without adopting it, letting go does not mean letting yourself go. It’s simply a question of being yourself, which is the hardest part. Letting yourself be yourself is a challenge, because we tend to judge ourselves constantly. We impose on ourselves to be a good parent, a good partner or something else good, and we are constantly judging ourselves. However, we can choose to let ourselves be judged. We can say, « I had this interesting point of view, I did this in an interesting way ». When we adopt the letter, everything becomes an interesting point of view. We don’t have to accept it or resist it. Life becomes easier and easier. Our mantra is: « Everything in life comes to me with ease, joy and glory ». It’s not just a statement about attracting the positive, it also includes the good, the bad and the ugly. We take everything with ease, joy and glory. None of what we experience needs to be painful, bloody or an ordeal. Yet this is often how most of us live our lives. Instead, we should essentially… I enjoy having fun and I believe that the raison d’etre of life is to enjoy every moment with ease, joy and glory. Every morning, I repeat this statement ten times, and every evening, I repeat it ten more times. It has a positive impact on my life and allows me to see things in a new light. I’ve even written this affirmation on my bathroom mirror to remind myself of the importance of having fun. I also shared the idea with my partner, who is now also in the habit of reading it every day. It has changed his perspective and his life too, just by seeing it every morning.

Having a clear vision of what you want your work to be is essential. Personally, I believe that appreciation of one’s work is essential from the outset. Many people think they have to accept everything their employer asks of them, and think they’re being treated unfairly. They feel that this is the norm and that they have to comply, otherwise they could lose their job. Yet most people stay in a job they don’t like, for fear of not finding another one. I’ve been known to think this way, telling myself that I have to hang on to this job for fear of not finding another one. But living with that mentality doesn’t match the idea of living in a world of infinite possibilities. Have a vision of what you’d like your job to be. Don’t take a job you don’t like, and don’t accept conditions that will make you unhappy. Have a vision of what you’d like your job to be. By vision, we mean more than just what the job would look like. It’s the vibration of all the components that will make it work. What would you like to feel in this work? What would you like to work on? How will this happen? It’s not just about thinking about it, it’s about feeling it. And when something comes along and gives you that feeling, move in that direction. Don’t go for things that don’t give you that feeling. Don’t go for things that give you some of that feeling, but not all of it. As soon as you take on a job just to survive, you’re hovering. Don’t succumb. I’m looking for a job that would allow me to travel at least 2 weeks a month, with a minimum salary of $100,000 a year. Working with really interesting people and avoiding boredom is also important to me. I want a job that’s constantly evolving, always expanding and increasingly fun. Above all, I want a job that helps people become more aware of what they want to create in their lives. I placed a ball filled with these aspirations in front of me, drawing energy from all parts of the universe towards it until I felt it fill up and become denser. Then I sent streams of energy from this ball to all the people who were unconsciously looking for what I was looking for. Each experience in my life corresponding to these criteria helped me to understand why or why not. Although I did many different things, each choice brought me closer to what I do today. Whatever you feel is what you’ve asked for, you do, and that brings you to the next step. The first thing that happens may not be the final step, but it’s how you choose what will lead you to your destination. 99% of people hear about something from a friend, adopt it and apply it. Why does it grow this way? Because you’re open to its growth, because you’re ready to take it all in, and because you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone and become something else. What would a job that consistently produced more money look like if it weren’t a matter of survival? If you didn’t need to know whether or not you were getting money for the job, and if money wasn’t the driving force behind the challenge, but the ability to achieve what you really wanted in your life? The way you connect with others, the way you help them achieve their desires and goals.

What I really want to achieve in my life is what I need to visualize. What would that look like? That’s the question I have to ask myself. I must not ask myself how I create this, because doubt creates the need to understand and the need to understand creates a limitation. I ask the universe to help me say, « I’d like a job like this, with this and this. » I begin to draw energy from this vision, from the four corners of the universe, until I can feel the corresponding energy becoming denser. Then I let off a ball of energy thread to all the people who unknowingly seek me out. Whenever something gives me the same feeling in my life, I go for it, because anything is possible. I am an unlimited being, I have unlimited possibilities. I choose what I want to have in my life and I ask myself how I can use my talents and abilities to create money.When things come so easily, we don’t pay attention to them or realize how valuable they are to others.
It’s important to be aware of our talents and abilities, even those we consider to be of little value. These talents can be the key to our success and enable us to make incredible money.
For example, I worked in real estate and knew a woman who had an incredible talent for cooking. Her desserts were so delicious that the town’s real estate agents would turn out when she organized events to sell a property. When she was advised to open her own bakery, she became a multimillionaire. She realized the value of her talent and decided to follow her passion for cooking, giving up a career earning $100,000 a year to make millions. It’s essential to push our limits, believe in our potential and choose to become greater than what we currently are. We must dare to step out of our comfort zone, mark ourselves and embrace our true passion.but remember that the true meaning of this word is linked to suffering and perseverance. It’s essential to follow your heart, even if it means thinking outside the box and questioning your preconceived beliefs and judgments. For years, I’ve heard people tell me to follow my passion, but has it worked for me? No, there must be a reason why it didn’t work, and it has to do with the definition of the word. If I’ve been told that doing this or that should have this or that result, and it doesn’t work, look up the definition of those words in an old dictionary. It may be that the root of the word means exactly the opposite of what the person was trying to convey to me. If the energy and the word aren’t in phase, it’s misidentified and misinterpreted, and the word becomes ill-defined. If you want to make money doing what you love, I guarantee you’ll make money, provided, of course, that you’re ready to receive it. You have to make the choice to become greater than what you’ve been up to now, but are you ready to accept it? When you make the decision to be more, your business starts to grow. It’s important to make a decision and commit to becoming bigger than you are. This doesn’t necessarily mean hiring PR people, but there are many ways to do it. It’s essential to break down and overcome old self-defections. Every morning, define who you need to be to be successful and commit to being better than the day before. Think about all the identities you’ve adopted to achieve success and consider whether they’ve helped or hindered you. It’s time to rediscover yourself and commit to being the best version of yourself you can be. My conclusion is that you have to be yourself in order to succeed. You have to stop being lost, reclaim and embrace your ability to be who you are. You must destroy everything that prevents you from perceiving, knowing and receiving the true essence of who you are. I’ve personally asked the question many times: what else do I need to perceive, know and receive in order to grow with ease? After four days of intense reflection every day, I realised that I wasn’t ready to be a guru for others. I wasn’t interested in controlling other people’s lives. What mattered to me was being in control of my own life, developing it and taking responsibility for it. I realised that I was constantly trying to prove that I wasn’t a guru by diminishing myself, when in reality I knew deep down that wasn’t the case. As soon as I became aware of this behaviour, I began to affirm my true nature.

I can appear to be a guru, I can appear to be anything, I don’t have to be. I can just appear that way to those who want me to. So I changed that and started to grow. What do I have to do next? I had to go one step further. So I asked myself: what else do I need to know? I realised that I had to be controversial. If you’re controversial, people will talk about you, won’t they? The good news is that if you don’t expose yourself first, you can’t get more. A lot of people want to work with me simply because I’m prepared to talk about anything, to be totally outrageous in what I say and to expose myself differently to what I was prepared to do before. If you don’t expose yourself, you can’t get more. You have to be prepared to be controversial if you want your life to improve. You have to shake things up, destroy everything you think you are and get out of the control system of your current reality. What would your life be like if you did this first? The answer is that you would grow in your life rather than shrink. Look at all the ways in which you shouldn’t do things, rather than the ways in which you could or might be able to do them. If you’re out of control, you won’t get anything from anyone else’s point of view. You won’t claim, accept or validate rules that don’t apply to you. If you first stop living by someone else’s rules and regulations, you will no longer have to base your life on someone else’s point of view. What would happen if you were out of control, out of definition, out of limitation, out of form, out of structure, out of meaning and created a fabulous, incredible, rich life? You’d be outrageous, you’d have normal fun, you’d experience the joy of life, the celebration of life rather than the diminution of it. Would you please claim and embrace your ability? I create my life and experience a joyful existence every day, starting today. I assert and accept my ability to be in control. I choose to see the good in everyone, even if it is sometimes difficult to find. Recognising the elves and rattlesnakes in my life is essential to avoid unpleasant surprises. By being aware of their presence, I can prevent them from doing any harm and protect my world. I’m ready to accept that not everyone is good, but I choose to focus on the positive to remain in a position of trust. We know that no one is completely evil, but rattlesnakes don’t like to be called snakes. It hurts them and makes them bite even harder if you recognise them for what they are. Telling a rattlesnake that it has beautiful diamonds on its back and a nice rattling sound and staying 2 metres away from it and saying that you won’t be bitten won’t work. If you can see the evil in someone and recognise it, is that a judgement or an observation? Observing that someone is ready to act badly towards you will prevent them from doing so. The only time you suffer a low blow is when you refuse to look. It is essential to act by perceiving the truth from which people operate. We must not adopt the idea that everyone is all good or all bad.The author discusses encountering individuals in the classroom who resemble snakes and prays for them not to come. However, these people continue to appear and serve as valuable lessons. The author acknowledges that these individuals will eventually do something hurtful and unpleasant, but they are ready to handle the situation. They do not make the mistake of thinking that these individuals genuinely want to be conscious, just because they attend classes or will become conscious. The author knows that their choice is to remain unconscious and, by definition, they will not be aware of their actions. They will choose to dishonor others at the slightest opportunity. In life, there are elves and rattlesnakes. Are you ready to no longer force yourself to see the good in them and to stop judging yourself because you feel you should be able to stop them from being so mean and unpleasant? By recognizing the elves and rattlesnakes around you without judgment, but remaining conscious, you create the freedom to avoid them or know how to deal with them.

I think some people don’t want to admit that people could be bad, because they’ve been taught to see only the good in others. However, it is essential to be aware of what is going on around us in order to act appropriately. Being fully aware is like getting ready for the cold by putting on a jacket. If you don’t see the warning signs, you risk being caught out. The idea is to remain open and receptive, and not be fooled by appearances. By being aware, we can better understand the situations and people around us, without prejudging them. All you have to do is ask, so who’s in front of him, what’s going on? What is he doing? If he’s lying to you, you can say it was a lie. Intriguing. You wonder if he has other lies to tell. You can start by noticing what he’s lying about, and then you tell him. So if I do that, he’s going to lie until he’s got all my money. But here, in another area of life, he’s being honest. Cool. I’ll take this part of the deal, but not that part. And you’ll see. Get all the information. If you walk into a shop that sells DVD players and you ask for a certain model, and the salesman tells you we don’t have that model anymore, it’s an obsolete model, is he telling the truth? If you’re open to receiving all the information in the same way as you do when you’re out in the wild, you’ll know that it’s not telling you the truth. What actually happens is that the shop doesn’t sell this model and the sales assistant wants to sell you the one he has in stock. He doesn’t want you to leave the shop without buying something. He won’t even say « I can get you this model ». They want you to buy what they have in stock. If you’re open to receiving all the information, you’ll know what’s going on and you’ll be able to say this isn’t really a place where you want to do business. They won’t give you what you’re looking for. They’re not interested in doing you a favour, they just want your money. What do you look for when you go to buy something? Are you looking for a salesperson who will take good care of you? When you walk into a shop and someone really friendly says hello, what a pleasure to see you! How are you? Will they look after you? Are they sincere? No, but if someone says hello and asks you « what can I do for you? », it’s possible that by asking you this question they really want to help you. Who gave you the title of God when you don’t recognise that someone is acting in a petty, sanctimonious, confrontational or vicious way? What happens is that you feel responsible. You say to yourself « if I had done this or that differently, he wouldn’t have done what he did. I must have done something wrong. What’s wrong with me? » Ah, that’s one thing I’m good at, it’s my strength in life. When I choose something, I stick to it. If you first see that someone is an elf or a rattlesnake, you can’t be fooled. But because I’m kind, caring, loving and everything that I really am, I often don’t see others for who they are. Instead, I judge myself and think there’s something wrong with me. But the truth is, I’m not unethical, I’m not petty, I’m not mean-spirited. Unfortunately, that means I’m easy-going, fun-loving and easy to take advantage of. Everyone sees me as a pigeon, but I’m only a pigeon when I’m not ready to identify those who want to be evil and malicious. Can people take advantage of me if I can perceive what they are going to do, as long as I am aware. Easy, isn’t it?

You can’t be taken advantage of because you have the power to say no. You have the choice and as long as you’re conscious, you don’t expect people to act differently to what they do. It’s when we expect others to act like us that we get taken for a ride. People act in their own way and you have to understand that first. If you’re not ready to receive this information, we’ll take advantage of it. Receive all information without judgement, observe what’s going on. It’s not a question of saying « I must be careful », but rather « I must be aware ». If you are aware, no one can take advantage of you. But if you’re not careful, everyone will benefit. If you want something in life, whatever it is, you mustn’t focus on the result. Do you understand what I mean? If I want a million dollars and I ask you to get it for me, I’m interested in the result. I ask, « Will you give me this million dollars? Give me my million dollars. That’s being focused on the result. On the other hand, if I’m not interested in the result, I can ask myself what the infinite possibilities are for a million dollars to come into my life over the next year, the next year or the next six months. By letting the information come to me, I can receive the simplest solution for dealing with difficult people and adopt an attitude of letting go. If I recognise a rattlesnake, am I going to go to bed with it? Of course not. If I recognise an elf or a rattlesnake, I can simply say to myself: « Interesting point of view. By remaining calm, cool and collected, and by being aware of what I’m perceiving, I’ll know if this person is trying to take advantage of me. I’ll remain vigilant throughout the conversation and won’t let them. When I tell myself that someone is really nice, I’m taken. On the other hand, if I tell myself that I’m going to pay them back, I’m getting into a battle. To prevent the energy from being blocked, I have to let it go. By remaining like a stone in the stream, the water continues to flow around me. Everything this difficult person does is simply an interesting point of view. By considering everything as an interesting point of view, I let the energy continue to flow, thus avoiding unnecessary confrontations. One way I can practice harnessing energy is by placing myself in a café where there are a lot of people. I position myself by the door and start pulling energy from each person in the café until they turn and look at me. I simply ask to draw their energy, saying « I will draw the energy from each person here until they turn and look at me. » People turn and look at me, and I think to myself « cool, that’s all I have to do. » There’s no work involved, it doesn’t require any effort, it’s easy. When it comes to collecting money that is owed to me, sometimes people ask me how to do it. If someone owes me money, I pull their energy through all the ports of my body and being until I feel my heart opening up.

When this happens, I connect with him, then let a little trickle of energy go to him. I continue to do this every day, 24 hours a day. He won’t be able to get rid of me in his mind until he’s paid me back. How does it work? When someone owes me money, they put up a barrier, they create resistance to paying me. If I draw energy from them and send a little back, they can’t stop thinking about me. The more he thinks about me, the guiltier he feels, and the more likely he is to pay me. It works. Do you want to collect the money you owe? Someone else does the same thing. They will come to you in the body of another person who will pay you back, and you will wonder why this person is giving me this money. She left, got a new body and came back. You have an unlimited life, don’t you? Do you think that only one life counts? Have you ever had the experience of someone spending a lot of money on you, a lot of money for no apparent reason? They leave you a large sum of money without you doing anything about it, and then they disappear from your life. If this is happening to you, it’s probably because that person owed it to you in another life. Learning to give and receive is the best thing you can do. Many people, whether they have $10 in their pocket or millions of dollars, have the same problem. It’s not about the money, it’s about the willingness to receive. All the limitations in life, whether it’s money, relationships or anything else, are based on what you refuse to receive. Judgement limits your ability to receive. Every time you make a judgement, positive or negative, you close yourself off to the possibility of receiving beyond that judgement. It is essential to live without judgement in order to be able to receive fully all that the world has to offer. It’s the same for me, what I don’t want to receive becomes a limitation on the creation of money. If I’m absolutely not ready to receive, this limits what I can manifest as total abundance. It’s important to block out what I don’t want to receive in order to allow unlimited creation in my life. I have to ask myself the following question: am I absolutely ready to receive what would manifest itself as total abundance, even if it seems illogical? My answers might include responsibility, being great, accepting that I’m different, success, being strange and different, and enjoying life. I’m absolutely not ready to receive what I want to manifest as total abundance. This time, do my answers contain any of the following: easy money, being overwhelmed, being kind, being wrong, the ability to create help, being slapped in the face, being joyful, taking risks. Very interesting, isn’t it? What I don’t want to receive limits what I can have in my life, because I’m not ready to receive these things. I can’t have abundance if I’m not ready to receive everything that comes my way. My reluctance to receive everything that comes my way can limit the money I can have, as well as other areas of my life. What I don’t want to receive is a problem. If I wanted to receive everything and anything, what energy did I have to decide not to be able to receive? What judgement prevented me from receiving unlimited amounts? As I read these questions, something might spontaneously occur to me, a response that will come from my insensate mind, for it is my insensate mind that creates all my limitations. My logical mind takes them into account and justifies them through its own filters, providing decisions and judgements that maintain the existence of the limitation. The good thing about this is that the answer that appears in my head is not only an affirmation of my limitation, it is also the answer that will set me free by showing me the insensate point of view from which I operate.

When we control ourselves, we tend to do so with the limitations we impose on ourselves. We create a system that decides what we can and cannot have, what is and isn’t possible, what we think it should look like and what we want it to look like. We believe that all this gives us control, but in reality it’s not control that we need. What we need is to be out of control. It’s necessary to reach the point where you want to be completely out of control. This does not mean being disordered, such as driving over the speed limit on the freeway, or getting naked in public. The real non-contrôle is a lack of contrôle. What we need is to exist outside contrôle.The problem in our lives is that we are not outside contrôle. We spend a lot of time judging ourselves and trying to understand how we need to control ourselves in order to function in this world. When I’m out of control, I’m ready to exist outside normalcy and the usual points of reference. To be out of control does not mean to be agitated, but to not let the control of others regulate my reality, my judgments and my decisions. Being out of control implies that I am the source of what happens to me, I don’t give others power over my life. I’m ready to step out of the coffin I’ve created for myself, live in the moment and let the universe guide me. I no longer look for answers based on my limited points of view, but I give in order to receive, and I reconnect in the meantime. I’m ready to live beyond control, create my own reality and embrace every moment with excitement and openness. Giving with no expectation of return is a practice that allows you to receive unlimited gifts in return. It’s giving and receiving at the same time, a true communion with every element of nature. Fruit trees offer their fruit without asking for anything in return, flowers offer you their fragrance and beauty simply for your gratitude. Instead of living in a world of compromise and conditional exchange, it’s important to give without expecting to receive in return. Most of the time, he agrees that if you give him this, then you must give him that. It’s a compromise, an implicit exchange. When you live in a world of compromise with implicit change, you miss the point. When you give something to someone, really give it. You will receive simultaneously and abundantly beyond any imagination. If you give without expectation, you will receive abundantly in return. On this plane, most people only give when they have to, tipping them into the realm of exchange rather than abundance. Imagine a world where giving without expecting anything in return reigns supreme. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Open yourself up to the possibility of this coming into your life. Some people can’t receive, which leads them to reject gifts. It’s essential to give sincerely, without expectation of return. Sometimes giving too much can be counterproductive. It’s important to find a balance in our giving, for the good of all. With children, it seems they always take more, right up to your last breath, without ever saying thank you. They expect you to give all the time, without recognizing the gift you’re giving them. They think you should give because you can afford to, without considering it a gesture of generosity. It often happens that when you help someone by giving them something, you find yourself doing it constantly, without it ever stopping. This pattern often recurs when you enter into a dynamic of giving and receiving. It’s important to find a balance in relationships, so that everyone can give and receive in a balanced way.

People often live in a world of simultaneous giving and receiving in a relationship, where they give and receive at the same time. But when some people haven’t had enough experience in this area, they adopt an attitude of possession and calculation. They think that everything they have is theirs by right, and they don’t want to share. But it’s important to understand that true giving is selfless and not calculated. It’s a positive energy that flows freely between people, with no expectation of immediate return. Living in the world of giving and receiving implies being open and generous, without seeking to bring everything back in terms of monetary equivalence. By learning to give without expecting something in return, you can enjoy an authentic and enriching relationship based on trust and sharing. Don’t be afraid to engage in this dynamic of generosity, for it’s in giving that you receive the most in return. When people with a lot of money go out with people who have less, the latter usually expect those with more to pay for the meals. However, it’s important to get past this notion and pay your own way from time to time. In reality, money can be used to challenge established paradigms and live in a world of infinite abundance. Those who are always looking for new ways to create and improve things are considered human beings, while humans are content with the status quo. It’s liberating to realize that we can never be permanently judged and conform to a model. In the end, it’s more rewarding not to bend to other people’s expectations and go our own way. You know, as humans, it’s hard to imagine anything that doesn’t fit our reality. We firmly believe in what we see and leave no room for miracles or magic. Indian doctors, lawyers and chiefs are the ones who create, who change the reality around us. But have you thought about what we could do together, as humans? It’s true that sometimes we stay attached to our habits, our neighborhoods and our furniture for years without changing a thing. That’s what makes us human, attached to what we know. But perhaps we should leave a little space for the unexpected, for the magic of life. We tend to judge others, to make decisions based on our own beliefs and efforts. But perhaps we should try to see beyond these judgments, to create something new together. Think of someone you know, feel their consciousness. Now feel the consciousness of a stone. Which is lighter? There’s more consciousness in a stone than in a human being, sometimes. So why not try to see the world from a new angle, together? It’s undeniable that we’re all surrounded by friends and family who take a critical look at our actions. Human judgments can be particularly difficult to accept, as we tend to judge ourselves. Acknowledging our own humanity is essential. By refusing to admit our human nature, we limit ourselves to a restricted vision of ourselves. Human beings look for steps to follow, progressing step by step, whereas human beings have the ability to visualize their goal instantly. It’s a pity that most of us don’t dare to claim this ability. In their desire to lead an existence that conforms to accepted norms, humans are content with their lot in life, whereas human beings aspire to abundance and creativity. If you’re looking for a life full of opportunity and comfort, it’s time to open yourself up to expansion and personal growth.

And yet they have grown up with the idea that doing things just for money isn’t worth it if you don’t pay them. They try to conform to the human attitude to money, which causes them great difficulty. They must understand that, as human beings, they have a different vision and must be ready to receive the fruits of their efforts. They must be able to ask for and receive money. They should embrace their abundance and choose the abundance of the universe over poverty. Some people feel they have received more than their fair share in life and judge themselves accordingly. They have learned to share everything and that no one should have more than anyone else in their family. The pie was always cut into equal slices, except for Dad who always got a bigger slice because he was the breadwinner. Is it possible that you’ve adopted a similar story? Are you living in the illusion of sharelessness? Are you choosing the poverty of the universe over its abundance? Let me ask you this: what is the problem with sharing the abundance of the universe rather than the poverty? Wouldn’t you like to abandon poverty as your wish? Wouldn’t you like your share of the immense abundance of the universe? Perhaps in other lives you have experienced great wealth. Are you still wondering where the money is in this life? You should have shown yourself by now. Have you lived lives where you were completely broke? How many lives do you feel you have just survived? Are you ready to give up the idea that you’re doing it just to survive? Do you have that oh my God, I can barely survive feeling? Do you realise that abundance is bigger than the universe, do you become aware of that or does it disappear? As an infinite being, you don’t survive, you live in total abundance. How can you live without abundance? You do it by adopting the idea of scarcity. Do you see abundance all around you? Close your eyes now and see the money coming to you. When you see money in front of you, it’s for the future. But when does the future ever come? If you see money coming from the right, the point is that you have to work hard for it. If the money comes from the left, that means it will come as a gift. Someone will give you this gift to make you rich. If you saw it coming from behind you, it means you had it but you won’t have it again. If you saw it coming from above, it means that you think God will give it to you because no one else will. If you saw it coming from below, then you’d better become a farmer because that’s where you think it’s coming from. It will grow under your feet. You can become a miner and find it that way. Imagine letting money come at you from all directions, all the time. Feel that feeling now, make it infinite and bigger than the universe. Does it become more important or less important? Hold on to that feeling and you’ll have money tomorrow. The idea of this visualisation is to become aware of where you think the money is coming from. If you think it will come from the future, you’re not embracing the idea that money can be here and now. Look at it as today, not tomorrow. When will today’s bills be paid? Yesterday, tomorrow, or not at all?

Really, if we operated from an aesthetic of time, space, dimensions and realities in which there is no judgement, money could simply be a part of our lives rather than an end in itself. Having money doesn’t necessarily mean making it a goal or a need. It’s about freeing ourselves from the false ideas we have about money and allowing all the possibilities to manifest themselves in our lives. By caring for money as we would flowers, by watering it, nurturing it and taking care of it, we give it a deeper meaning. It’s important to be open to receiving money, because that’s where the true capacity for self-sufficiency comes from. Why would I want to be self-sufficient? Wouldn’t I want to receive everything? Anything is possible when I am ready to receive. I’ve made the decision to rely on myself, which means I’m on my own here. When I have the idea of being independent, I feel strong and capable. I don’t need anyone’s help, I’m so busy looking after myself. I want to prove that I can do it on my own, without the help of others. Money thinks it’s there to serve me, but I want to show it that I don’t need it. I want to celebrate my life every day, because I know that if I treat it as a feast, new possibilities will open up for me. If you don’t celebrate your life, you’re not living. Every day should be an orgasmic experience, not living with what you have to put up with, but creating a feast. He has champagne, good champagne, at least one bottle in his fridge at all times. Sometimes he drizzles champagne over a tart just because he can. By making his life a celebration, by seeking joy in life instead of gloomy thoughts, he creates a very different reality. Today should be the best day of his life. His life will be a celebration, he will remember every day to make his life a celebration, to seek the joy of living. He asks for greatness in his life, joy and happiness, not just money. By asking for the greatness of who he is, he opens up infinite possibilities. If we only ask for money, nothing will manifest itself, because money is not energy, but simply a means to an end. With the courage to ask, we can receive. In the end, what do we really have? In the end, you are the point of departure for your own life, for the creation of your wealth, your power and everything else. No matter what the obstacles, you’re always the point of departure for everything that happens in your life. You can change the way your money comes in by putting aside 10% of your income, giving a gift to the church and working on your perception, attitude and reception for several days or weeks. This technique allows you to become aware of your limits and to achieve clarity and ease in your life. It is important to ask ourselves what we should perceive, be aware of and receive in order to avoid judging others and to understand our own humanity.

Oh no, am I taking unfair advantage of my life? Do I own a lot of money that I don’t spend? 98% of my thoughts, feelings and emotions don’t belong to me, that’s worrying. Is living my life in 10-second segments really a good idea? What if I make stupid, senseless choices in those 10 seconds? Is it really ethical to use energy flows to make money? What if I drive someone mad by taking energy from them? What am I creating in my life? Am I really happy with what I’m getting? How can I change this? Is asking questions to get answers really effective? How can I improve my life and make it even better? Is asking for everything in my life to become easier, more joyful and glorious really the key to happiness?

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