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I hope you decide to become a relationship marketing professional, because this is a very real fact of relationship marketing and the best way to announce it to the world right now.

Relationship marketing isn’t perfect, it’s just better, you’re worried, you’re not satisfied, you think there might be a better way to handle this professionally and personally, that’s good news, there is a better way to handle this, but they have nothing to do with you different than before. Teaching school. Let me explain the ideal company and be specific about what they want to see in that company and what they want to avoid people from over 40 countries saying while people are starting out. Usually, they want no boss, no commute, no alarm clock, no employees, no politics, no compromise, no discrimination, no educational requirements. And when people start using their imaginations optimistically, they start thinking about positive features and things, great products and services, unlimited residual income, people who have the freedom to enjoy their work and spend their time in meaningful ways, and personal fulfillment. International reach Contribution to a local cause, low risk, upfront cost, economic ups and downs, tax incentives, fun, and now you can add something else. But I agree it’s a good start. Imagine if you could build a career featuring every trait, every job?

A traditional business owner, as defined by Google, is a member of the working class who performs manual labor. My definition is someone who repairs something, builds something, cleans something, maintains something or serves someone. It is, as anyone in the working class would say, « there’s a certain satisfaction in a job well done ». But I have a big question here. Does the job meet the characteristics of an ideal career? The obvious answer is no. Sure, some of the attributes that make up the list are given, like a good product, low initial cost and a few other factors, but if it does, think about it for a second. This job may not offer what you want. The hope of an ideal career. The definitions used by Google to describe people who perform professional administrative or clerical work, as opposed to manual labor, are : Generally, a person employed by another person to perform non-manual tasks. Many people choose sales jobs as the most socially acceptable jobs. It has long been considered the best option for security seekers. Recently, the implicit contract that if you’re loyal to the company, the company will be loyal to you.

In my experience, there are two types of people who do this kind of work. A handyman and a cold-blooded person. The French are people who want to achieve something.
They’re bright, ambitious, motivated, energetic, full of ideas and climbing the corporate ladder. While these are great traits, being a daredevil also has its drawbacks. Once you decide to be a daredevil, you become a daredevil. Target His boss sees him as a threat to his job and starts trying to limit his reach and damage his reputation. These pearls, who saw in him someone seeking to harm them, certainly blocked promotion and downplayed his exploits to survive in this hostile environment and stay go-getter.I’ll do everything in my power to contain him. Individuals need to become masters in areas that have nothing to do with their productivity. This is the political science you need to learn to have as few enemies as possible, maintain relationships with influential people and navigate the world of politics.

In fact, some of the most successful individuals in the business world are not go-getters at all. so if you decide to evolve in the business world is to be a go-getter you have to accept the fact that you will also have to become a politician now let’s talk about the chillers these are individuals who hate politics but nevertheless need a job they learn not to be ambitious they don’t stand out they don’t express themselves during meetings they don’t bring new ideas they hide they keep their head down and obey they do just enough so that others don’t have a negative opinion. they do just enough so that others don’t have a negative opinion. But in the new economy it’s getting harder and harder to hide and people are running out of time so, to return to our list, does the job match the characteristics of the ideal career? again, the answer is no, and in many respects the salespeople some individuals choose to avoid employee status and turn to a career in sales they’re obviously more adventurous, as they’re generally paid by performance rather than by the hour I’ve known thousands of salespeople I’ve known thousands of salespeople I’ve noticed one constant in my career the typical salesperson always goes through a period when everything is going perfectly well everything he touches turns to gold and he earns a very good living and then salespeople almost always adopt a lifestyle based on his income he buys a new house and new cars they see their children in better schools they buy a second home and everything else that goes with it everything is wonderful for a while and then something changes the company changes its policy and the salesperson has a new job. something changes the company changes its compensation system their sales territory is reduced a competitor comes into play they lose their best customers the economy goes into recession new technology makes their products less interesting government regulations transform their industry these are just a few examples there are still hundreds of reasons why the world of the sales professional can and probably will become more complicated when these changes occur and given their way of life, a 40-hour week isn’t enough to pay the bills: they work 50 hours a week, then 60, then 70, and they have no life at all. yes, they have material goods, but very little time to enjoy them. the other challenge facing salespeople in any sector is that they have to start from scratch every day. it can be exhausting to live with this stress for a long period of time. a career in sales helps pay the bills.

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Of course, but again, does this correspond to the characteristics of an ideal career? The answer is no. Some traditional entrepreneurs choose Big Kid Dreams. Being your own boss and making decisions, starting your own business is a very exciting idea. But it’s reality for most people. He depletes all his savings, gets into debt and often borrows money from friends and family to start his life. He carries even more debt in the form of all kinds of personal guarantees instead of concentrating on points. A strong person thinks he’s good at selling and decides to start a business. He has to do everything for everyone. Sometimes I finish my work right up to the end. They start taking out the trash, selling something other than what they were originally good at and struggling instead of owning it. The business they own, they’re the first in and the last out. Once you’ve paid off all your employees, you may be able to take home enough money to pay yourself while reducing the debt you incurred to start your business.

They succeed where they fail: either they manage to make their business prosper, or it collapses and they often have to declare bankruptcy and go back to being salesmen, and even if they succeed this usually means a lifetime of long hours and stress. Sounds romantic doesn’t it if you’ve never started your own business before ask friends who have if this description is accurate the majority of people who start a traditional business don’t care about getting a return on investment. They just want to recoup their investment, it’s pretty obvious that the traditional establishment doesn’t offer the ideal future as we’ve described investors. If you want to become an investor, you have to accept that things get out of hand from time to time, and when they do, it can be very costly. So let’s get back to the specifics of the ideal career. Does the career of an investor fit our list? I don’t think I’m talking about salespeople, traditional business owners or investors. none of these careers meet the conditions of the ideal career, and it’s even acceptable to have an ideal career. The answer is yes, but to have such a career you must first understand that everything is changing. The old forms of remuneration are dead or disappearing and we’re going through the biggest economic transmigration we’ll experience in our lifetime the recent economy the world as you know it has changed for people who don’t admit it this will be the worst of times for those who do admit it this will be the best of times over the last 100 years an interesting phenomenon these products the rise of professional orders became normalized in society in the world of work the status of employees were secure and respected.

Go to school and learn to be an employee. Find a company that will hire you. I’ve worked for this company for 40 years. Retired for a few decades. a promise rewarding good and loyal service has become a myth that people are beginning to understand. Another process has not restored loyalty to employers. Go to school and learn to be an employee. Find a company that will hire you even if you change companies every three to five years throughout your career for various political or economic reasons. Know that you won’t be able to retire comfortably after 40, and continue to aim for efficiency savings. Once again, the movement has already begun. This means that, in the future, we’ll be paid by performance only, not by the hour. You’ll dedicate yourself to working in the restaurant industry; waiters are already living in this model. Earn a very low hourly wage, as required by law, and rely on tips-they’re paid based on performance to make a living. Imagine this model applied to almost every job in the world and you’ll see what happens. Hotel cleaners are no longer paid by the day, but for housekeepers, here’s an example of someone who earns an annual salary of €50,000. The company plans to reduce this salary to around €40,000, as there are other workers on the market today who want to do the same job at lower salaries. The base salary is expected to rise to €10,000 a year, with employees informed that they can receive an additional €20,000 a year if they meet certain criteria. Returns are monthly upon delivery of products. you can receive an additional €1,500 per month. There’s pressure, but employers are happy with it. You can save more money if the returns aren’t enough, I’m satisfied with your service. Predict what your future holds. Your employer will get even more. Unless you have a lot of specialized knowledge, this is a must. If you don’t, it’ll happen to you We’re already anticipating it, and every profession in the world will be affected.

The process is not yet complete. Why would this happen in the first place? is a better business model, which means lower costs and better results. Secondly, the new economy has made this possible. Fewer employees are needed, and competition continues for increasingly scarce jobs.
Explain why the new economy needs fewer unexceptional workers. Technology changed everything over a century ago. 90% of the population worked today’s soil product with the incredible efficiency of new technologies I’m at 1%, but agricultural jobs have disappeared. Do you remember the customer service center that allows you to talk to the person in front of your machine today. Their job no longer exists. Do you remember when companies had big sales teams? Now that people order online, his job no longer matters.

Do you remember videoclubs and all their employees nowadays people watch clips on their cell phones or digital tablets and these jobs are much less present I love books but visit your local bookshop while you still can because bookshops will soon be ancient history as will the jobs they currently create I could go on and on and on about virtually every category of employment that exists in the world technology and efficiency is eliminating jobs every day and there’s nothing we can do to stop this singularity in fact it will only accelerate if you sit back and wait for the economy to bounce back. and efficiency is eliminating jobs every day and there’s nothing we can do to stop this singularity – in fact, it will only accelerate if you sit back and wait for the economy to bounce back and the jobs to reappear – stop hoping they won’t come back – just like the children of farmers who saw the tide turning and swapped farming for a new mission – the same thing is happening to people who hold jobs in the old economy if they are to survive, they’ll have to open their eyes, recognize this reality and find something else to do. and better the best way I know to not only survive but thrive in the new economy and relationship marketing today there are important products and services in the world that need to be promoted buyers still need to be well informed companies have a choice they can dive into the forever fragmented world of advertising to get their message out they can hire great listening and marketing teams they can use the latest technology to get their message out. or they can use relationship marketing to tell their story to the world more and more companies are choosing relationship marketing because it fits so well with the new economy they can promote their products by providing their distributors with the necessary administrative support and countries according to their performance this is extremely effective because in the new economy.

Word-of-mouth marketing works better than any other form of promotion, so companies can take the money they would otherwise spend on advertising and promotion and use it to pay distributors to spread the word about you as an entrepreneur. This means you can enjoy all the privileges of a traditional business owner, but without the inconveniences that are often associated with it. your income, because relationship marketing companies want you to make as much money as possible and since you’ll be paid according to your productivity anyway, why limit yourself? but there’s a catch: it all sounds great, and it is, but there’s a catch: most people won’t talk to you if you have to accept a temporary loss. social destiny because of people’s ignorance this means that for a while people who are still living in the old system and trying to get by won’t have a good opinion of you they won’t understand they’ll think you’re crazy for getting into relationship marketing. In fact the accepted saying isn’t quite right you have to do more than that you have to endorse this momentary loss social destiny attributable to people’s ignorance you see the future even before they become acceptable to others you are the one who is competent you are the one who takes action with the aim of experiencing an improved life. There’s a reason people don’t like you. It’s not just because you’re struggling with an old system. See if I can help you understand this better. Because if you decide to make relationship marketing your business, it’s important to realize that the vast majority of people are interested in the relationship marketing company that’s joined them. Or do you know someone who does? It’s on the minds of almost everyone who chooses this profession. Yes, I know 5-6 people who can do the same thing. my sister’s going to be great My boyfriend loves this stuff and so do I. This other person will do a great job that I do very well. In other words, she’s not determined to make a career out of it, she just hopes she’ll get lucky. She hired a few people to recoup her start-up costs, then quietly waited for the money to roll in. The idea of being rewarded for the efforts of others is a tempting one, but often misunderstood. They didn’t start a real business, they bought lottery tickets instead. Imagine a lottery with 6 fields. Cutting squares represents every new distributor who thinks they can do it, but most of them end up empty-handed due to a lack of skills. You won’t win anything better than the lottery, you’ll just miss out on business opportunities and you might make friends along the way because you didn’t know what you were doing. He beats the lottery, admits he never really started his business, denounces relationship marketing and makes a fuss from the rooftops. I know what you’re talking about. I took a risk. I’ve talked to everyone I know and relationship marketing just doesn’t work. Save money! You can see here what you’ll have to deal with if you choose this profession. The opinion of the ignorant who think they’ve done everything right and it’s not working, if you think you can’t do it, relationship marketing isn’t for you, but if you get past this trap, the world is yours Those who accept this career make a lot of money.

Companies pay unlimited amounts to vendors who help blind people. Educate the ignorant and build a community of like-minded people that some people like. Let’s just say perception is reality. Even though Nelson Mandela said this, I hate this statement that the world’s great leaders have ignored for centuries. Perception and reality What if Martin Luther King Jr. said perception is reality and Steve Jobs said perception is reality? Say and I’ll do my best to help people understand the fact that it’s a real relationship marketing isn’t perfect, it’s just better it’s reality

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