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Think and evolve through laws

The laws of success include essential principles that form the basis of a philosophy directly linked to personal development in youth. Inspired by her burgeoning philosophy on the subject of success and personal fulfillment, she is constantly developing her theories until they can be synthesized into a set of specific principles that all contribute together to form a coherent philosophy. This is to integrate the ultimate evolution of her philosophy to present the laws of success in a more comprehensible way. The person who learns to use his or her imagination very early in life, because that’s when the greatest opportunities are open to him or her. Imagination is a capacity of the mind that can be nurtured, developed and put to use when stimulated. Without it, the Laws of Success courses would never have been created, because they were first developed in the imagination from the simple idea that germinated. Whatever your occupation, you can improve your efficiency and productivity by cultivating and activating your imagination. The laws of success are designed to help you develop your skills in your chosen field. This analysis is essential to assess your qualities and aptitudes, so that you can channel them to optimum effect. Perhaps you don’t like the work you’re doing at the moment, but there are two ways out. The first is not to over-commit yourself and to do only what’s necessary to get the most out of it, This will happen quickly, because you’ll be made redundant in no time. The other, more effective solution is to make yourself so useful and effective that you attract the attention of your superiors, who will offer you a promotion to a more responsible position that you will enjoy. It’s your privilege to decide how you can help thousands of people. The laws of success alone are a fitting reward for hard work. They have been essential to politics, finance, industry and business. The laws of success are a summary of the philosophy and rules of procedure that have led powerful men to succeed in the field they have chosen to implement their efforts, We’ve added two short references on more or less technical and scientific subjects, the reason for which will become clear to you after you’ve cut through the laws. By starting this listening session with an open mind, and maintaining this attitude right up to the last law, you will be rewarded with a broader and more faithful vision of life. There’s nothing impossible about time, which heals the wounds caused by temporary defeat, inequality and rectifies the injustices of the world.

The fundamental principles of success are first and foremost a question of adapting one’s personality to cope with varied and changing environments, while seeking to maintain a spirit of harmony and balance. This harmony is based on an understanding of the forces that make up a person’s environment. This tool will help you understand and maximize your strengths in the light of life’s circumstances. Before you start applying the principles of success, it’s essential to know its history and understand precisely what it promises to those who follow it until they have assimilated the laws and principles on which it is based. It’s also important to understand its limits as well as its possibilities, and to see them as an aid in your quest to find your place in the world. As far as entertainment is concerned, the Laws of Success will rank only second to most of the attractive magazines in the stores. The tendency to complacency reaped where they did not sow and the habit of spending more than they earned, all these common enemies of mankind, and many more besides, are covered by the laws of success, so that any person of average intelligence with little mastery can achieve it with a minimum of effort or inconvenience. It is important to note at the outset that it has long since reached the experimental stage, and has already achieved a track record worthy of serious thought and analysis. What’s more, it has been examined and approved by a number of people. This means that the mind develops through the harmonious collaboration of two or more individuals working together to accomplish a specific task. If you’re a salesperson, you can benefit from this law of organizing geniuses in your day-to-day activity. In our experience, a group of six or seven salespeople can apply the law so effectively that their sales can increase considerably, even if this may seem paradoxical in the life insurance field. The most complex product to sell is from the Prudential Insurance Company of America, whose sales are generally based on small policies. However, a small group of men created an informal group with the aim of experimenting with the law of organizing genius. The result was an increase in sales for each member of the group, equivalent to three times the usual yield. What a small group of smart life insurance salespeople have achieved by applying the law of organizing genius is nothing compared to what a more optimistic and inventive person could achieve. It could just as easily apply to other groups of salespeople engaged in selling goods or other services more tangible than life insurance.

Considering all the catchy words that have become part of everyday vocabulary, there’s no other term that encompasses everything Monsieur had in mind – personalities. It’s the individuals behind a business venture who determine the measure of success it will enjoy. They will have to improve their personalities to make them more attractive to customers and thus help the business prosper. You can buy the same merchandise at a similar price in several stores. However, there will always be one company that outperforms the others because of its outstanding management of customer contact people. People buy contact quality as much as production, if not more. The technical basis of life insurance has been so restricted that the cost of protection does not differ greatly from one company to another. However, of the hundreds of companies offering the same product, only a dozen have a monopoly on business. This is due to the personality of the sellers. 99% of people buy an insurance policy without thinking about what’s inside. What they are really buying is the friendly personality of someone who understands the importance of cultivating such contact. Your goal in life, or at least an important part of it, is to achieve success. The laws of success define success as achieving a clearly defined goal without violating the rights of others. Whatever your goal, it’s easier to achieve your objective when you’ve acquired the ability to cultivate a sympathetic personality and collaborate with others in a specific endeavor, without arousing disagreement or jealousy. No one person is capable of lasting success. Until she sees in the mirror the real reason for all these mistakes, one of life’s greatest challenges is to learn how to negotiate harmoniously. The objective of this course is to teach individuals how to progress in balance, harmony and freedom from the disagreements that put millions of people into misery, need and bankruptcy every year. By studying the course objective, you will be able to draw lessons with the feeling that a complete transformation is about to take place in your personality. Without power, you couldn’t have any notable success in your life. And it’s impossible to benefit from power without a personality strong enough to have an impact on others.

Each step will give you tips on how to develop this type of personality. Once you’ve mastered these laws and integrated them into your life over a period of 15 to 30 weeks, you’ll be ready to develop adequate personal power to achieve your clearly defined goal. These laws are designed to assist you in developing and combining the knowledge you already possess with the knowledge you’re acquiring, transforming it into strength. It is also advisable to share the knowledge of these laws with your loved ones, which will strengthen your understanding of the subject and provide them with a service. A parent has the ability to define these laws in such a lasting way in the minds of their children, which will result in a complete transformation of their existence. Spouses should teach together, for reasons that will become clear before the end of this introduction. One of the three essential goals of human endeavor is power, which consists of two categories: those that develop through the coordination of natural physical laws. The second method consists in gathering and classifying knowledge, thus obtaining power from organized knowledge. It is the most important one, as it provides a tool for transforming knowledge and channelling it into another form of power, the object of help. The two most interesting methods of accumulating knowledge are the study, classification and assimilation of organized facts. Using other methods, or based on your own experience, you can establish your own process for collecting, organizing and classifying facts. The main purpose of this act is to examine techniques and means of analyzing facts and information. Compilation is classified by others. If you want to disparage someone, don’t express that, but write it in the sand at the water’s edge. The organization of the universe During this century, scientists have identified and classified the physical elements that encompass all the material forms in the universe. The basic laws of physics as they were known in his day contained errors that resulted from his misunderstanding, and these errors would be identified even by people unfamiliar with the laws of physics, such as the idea that electrons can be positive or negative. According to our current knowledge, an electron always contains a negative charge. One discipline of physics examines particles much smaller than the electron, a world of which he had no idea, where he wanders off to address specific topics. It is essential to read the broad outlines of his description of physical matter as a metaphor or comparison with the laws that govern human behavior in order to deepen one’s understanding of the subject.

In fact, he would have liked the reader to understand this segment, seeking to find a physics-based relationship to explain the collective brain. This mysterious power is nevertheless undeniable through study. Study and precise measurement By reducing the 80 physical elements to molecules, man has realized the physical grandeur of the universe, made up of suns and stars, some of which are 10 million times larger than the tiny earth on which he is raised. Paradoxically, man has also discovered the smallness of the physical forms that make up the universe. By reaching the smallest particle, the electron, which is invisible to the naked eye, we can understand that it is a center of positive or negative force that is at the origin of all physical elements, whether atoms or electrons. It seems necessary to start with the smallest and simplest particles of physical matter, since it is these that have enabled nature to build the entire structure of the physical part of the universe. Molecules are made up of atoms, invisible particles of matter that constantly revolve at the speed of light, on the same principle as the earth revolving around the sun. These atoms of matter, made up of the smallest electrons, form a continuous circuit within the molecule.The physical particles of matter as I’ve already mentioned, the electron manifests itself in only two forms: positive and negative forces. It is uniform, has only one dimension and one nature. In the same way, in a grain of sand or a drop of water, the complete principle on which the entire universe is reproduced by the father, what a marvel, what a prodigy. Let’s be aware of the beauty of it all. In the end, it’s just a collection of electrons in the world of physical matter. You could say that the biggest shining star in the curved sky, the smallest grain of sand among the objects examined is just an organized collection of two atoms and molecules of electrons swirling around each other. in incredible ways Speed , every particle of physical matter is in a permanent state of extremely violent motion Even if it looks empty and static to the naked eye , there is no such thing as solid physical matter . The hardest piece of steel is just an organized mass . of two molecules , there are many more atoms and electrons in rotation than there are electrons in the sheet of steel. The electrons of gold, silver, copper or tin have the same properties and move at the same speed. The forms of physical matter are different from one another, because they are made up of heterogeneous combinations of atoms. electrons It’s all the same, some are positively charged and some are negatively charged, i.e. they have a positive charge while others have a negative charge. Chemical science breaks down matter into atoms, which are immutable, and elements are created by combining and changing the position of atoms. We can therefore recognize that the physical elements of the universe differ from one another only in their « number of electrons ». atoms and the number and composition of these atoms in each element molecule, for example a mercury atom contains 80 positively charged electrons The nucleus and the 80 negatively charged peripheral , if a chemist could eliminate two of the positrons, then they would immediately turn into a metal called platinum, if the chemist could further transform platinum into gold . Alchemists have been working for centuries on the formulas that produce this electronic modification, and modern chemists continue to do so. All these scientists know that there are thousands of synthetic substances that cannot be made up of the four atoms of hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon. Atoms are therefore the particles of the universe with which nature constructs all forms of matter into grains of sand.

For the biggest star shining in space, the atom is the building block of nature, from which it has constructed oaks or bread, sandstone or granite, mice or elephants . Don’t be afraid of a little setback . remember, a successful kite . is usually a success . The winds of adversity rise, but don’t follow . Bolton commented that he made us understand that the universe is filled with invisible, untapped energy which was later demonstrated by the explosion of the first atomic bomb , but the nature of this information and that which surrounds a mass of matter , there is a vortex of energy , This energy determines whether an object clothes or repels something . The nature of this energy allows two hydrogen atoms to attach to one oxygen atom. Thus, in the past, a water molecule or a sodium molecule is a chloride atom forming a salt molecule. The nucleus never changes, but the atom itself combines into something new due to the nature of its energy in the collective brain group, the organizing genius of the individual mind energy that surrounds it. As the members of a group interact with their individual energies , new and different facts about the smallest analyzable particles of matter emerge, providing the starting point for you to learn how to develop and apply power laws . All matter is in a constant state of vibration and movement . Each molecule is made up of particles. This motion is called an atom. In turn , they are made up of particles and activate electrons at a certain speed This vibration of fluid energy means that the human ear only detects it if the product is made up of When the number is greater than the sound , it vibrates around 20 to 20,000 times per second The circulation manifests itself in the form of heat , a phenomenon increasingly used in microwave ovens. On a large scale , even when exposed to ultraviolet light, periodic vibrations are recorded in the form of light. Generally invisible, and energy at wavelengths an order of magnitude longer than UV. They can have devastating effects on physical objects, and science is still exploring their upper limits. To discover the higher mysteries of shale, I’d have to believe. Vibrations or cycles create the force that generates human thoughts, which I believe are the fluid part of all things. All known forms of energy and universal properties are born of vibrations, I believe. The fluid part of light differs from sound only in its speed of vibration, and the fluid part of light is identical to sound, heat and light, except for frequency, just as physical matter has only one form. The earth , all the other planets , the sun and the stars are made of it , so there is only one The form of energy that keeps all matter in a constant state of rapid motion . I’d like to quote the doctor here. Alexander Graham Bell , the inventor of the long-distance telephone, is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the subject. Free fields support the theory I’ve proposed about vibrations. Suppose you have the ability to vibrate an iron bar at a given frequency in a dark room, and its vibration is. When it’s slow, its movement will be represented by only one sense; as soon as the vibration increases, a low-pitched sound will be emitted, appealing to the second sense. Approximately 32,000 times during the second session, the vibrations will become high-pitched, but more than 32,000 times. 40,000 times while vibrating. There will be total silence, and the movements of the rod will no longer be perceptible by touch, which means that no normal human sense will be able to perceive them. Up to one million five hundred thousand vibrations per second, no sense can feel any effect of the vibrations occurring.

Once this level is reached, movement is only indicated by an increase in temperature, and then by visual observation, when the rod turns red under 3 million vibrations, the power of diffused violet light, then ultraviolet and other invisible radiation can be detected by instruments used by humans, so I thought there was Given the wide range of human perceptions, there’s still a lot to learn about the effects of these vibrations. Normal people can’t hear, see or feel movement The energy needed to send information wirelessly through the Earth’s vibrations lies within a range, but this range is too large, in my opinion, to contain more than the possibility of the vibrations themselves. But we need to invent devices that create new sounds, like musical instruments and background music. Provide a better service than you pay for, and you’ll soon be paying more than you paid for In this sense, the value of the services you provide will increase the law on revenues. I’ve been thinking about this great discrepancy, and I’ve been thinking that there must be other forms of vibration that could bring The result is that, although it’s no more fascinating than radio waves, I think it’s somewhere in this range. What vibrations are emitted by our brain and nerve cells during the thought process? Their magnitude may be greater than the vibrations that produce UV rays. Does it need a wire to transmit its vibrations? Couldn’t they pass through the earth without wires as intermediaries? As is the case with radio waves. Is it hearing a series of signals or seeing another person’s thoughts enter your own? We can make a few assumptions based on what we know about radio waves. The possibilities of deducing them are endless, and if thought waves act in the same way, they must disappear. part of the brain and circulates constantly around our planet and universe, bodies, bones and other obstacles. Solid matter creates no resistance to their passage through the earth when it surrounds molecules. With every substance, whatever its durability and density, you must necessarily consider whether it is possible to interfere with the thoughts of others and cause confusion. If it circulates in our brains without our knowledge, it can have serious consequences. Is it hearing a series of signals or seeing another person’s thoughts enter your own? We can make a few assumptions based on what we know about radio waves. The possibilities of deducing them are endless, and if thought waves act in the same way, they must disappear. part of the brain and circulates constantly around our planet and universe, bodies, bones and other obstacles. Solid matter creates no resistance to their passage through the earth when it surrounds molecules. With every substance, whatever its durability and density, you must necessarily consider whether it is possible to interfere with the thoughts of others and cause confusion. If it circulates in our brains without our knowledge, it can have serious consequences.

But how can we be sure he hasn’t? Already in this way, it can explain certain disorders of the mind that no-one can explain, such as the inspiration or frustration a speaker may feel when addressing an audience. In my opinion, several recent scientific discoveries give us hope for the future of mankind. People close to us will be able to read each other’s thoughts, because their thoughts are transmitted directly from one brain to another, and no oral, written or other form of communication is required. But one day, we’ll be able to see with our eyes, hear with our ears and speak without our tongues. The idea that two brains can communicate without the aid of the senses is based on the theory that thought or life force is a form of electrical disturbance that can be inductively picked up and transmitted at a distance, whether through a wire or simply the constant presence of the ether, as in the case of wireless telegraph zones. Several analogies suggest that thought is similar to an electrical disturbance. The researchers discovered changes in the current as it passed through the deceased’s nerves. Very confused to see him sit up and move Reina, so electrifying Similar to living muscle contractions , Reiner seems to act on muscles Make current on the electromagnet a current and show an iron rod placed perpendicular to the electromagnet, Nerves produce contractions thanks to invisible life-force currents flowing through the nerves. Muscle fibers arranged perpendicular to each other. There are many reasons to explain the similarity between thought , electricity and current. Electricity and considered a movement during the latter part of World War II , the country was filled with hypothetical materials. space and spread throughout all matter . I believe the earth must exist because. Without it, electricity can’t cross the void and light can’t cross space either. In a situation where it’s logical to think that only analogous body movement can generate the phenomenon of thought and life force, brain cells would act like a battery whose current would propagate along the nerves, but stop there. These waves don’t leave the body to travel around the earth unperceived by our senses, just as wireless waves did before Hertz and others discovered them. Each of our brains acts as transmitter and receiver. More often than I can measure, I have demonstrated to my own satisfaction that every human brain is both a transmitter and a receiver of vibration frequency. I wonder if this theory was verified by scientific testing methods.

Imagine the role it could play in collecting, classifying and organizing knowledge, but the likelihood of such a reality is far less than the probability. Thomas Spain was one of the most influential minds of the American Revolution. Perhaps more than anyone else, we owe the beginning and happy end of the revolution to him. Thanks to his brilliant mind, he was instrumental in drafting the Declaration of Independence and convincing the document’s signatories of the formula. In realistic terms, they describe the origin of his immense knowledge. It’s obvious to anyone who has followed the evolution of the human mind that there are two types of thought, the one we produce through reflection and the one that spontaneously manifests itself in our minds. This is how this great American philosopher and patriot describes the experience of everyone at some point in their lives who has not experienced this certainty that expenses and even complete ideas from outside sources have entered their minds. What means of transmission exist for such visitors? Otherwise, the lands that fill the infinite spaces of the universe are the means of transmission for all known forms of vibration, such as sound, light and heat. Why shouldn’t the same be true for the transmission of the vibration of thought? Therefore, if this theory is true, then the infinite space provided by the universe is and continues to be a veritable spiritual library from which all thoughts released by man can be found, operating in every area of life you have ever known. In principle, you’ve experienced this situation with someone close to you or with a colleague. You’re trying to find a solution to the problem, and at the same time you’ve come to the same conclusion. You’ve also noticed the intensity of your thoughts . can reinforce them, so that when you listen to an impassioned speaker, you sometimes feel as if you know what he’s going to say or even know what he’s going to say. Sometimes, this can simply be due to logical explanations? And this can still happen when you hear someone talking about a subject you know very well. In this case, you have little margin to predict anything, and yet the other person’s purchasing power conveys the idea that has been explained to you. Imagine then that this result is involved in your quest for success through harmonious and meaningful alliances. Two or more thoughts linked me to the two key words of this harmonious sentence This means that Sheikh was a blessing in disguise Provided they teach us the necessary lessons , otherwise we won’t accept the lessons of most failures Organized knowledge is only a temporary failure.

Therefore, I immediately reveal to you the basis of one of the most important assumptions enumerated in Law 3. This is the law of organized knowledge, to which a large part of mankind has become heir. By leafing through this monumental work, it is preserved and neatly inscribed in Nature’s Bible. Mankind can read the history of the terrible struggles that gave birth to our civilization. This page of great freedom is made up of physical elements on Earth and on other planets While listening to nature’s masterpiece, it is also made up of ether that fills all space Humans have discovered bones, skeletons, footprints and other revealing evidence The historical proof of animal life on Earth is that nature has disappeared It’s time to shed light on its behavior . Even before reaching the stage of development Modifications of this biblical escape by single-celled animal friends human control , because it’s not in the language of death or hieroglyphics but in a universal Language of the world , all people with eyes can read the natural Bible exhausted by knowledge It’s important to know that humans can’t change or use what they want. One of mankind’s greatest discoveries and radio captured by Imagination Land Ordinary sound vibrations and convert them into radio frequencies and transmit them to the receiving station Suitably optimized to return to its original form in space Soon, no one will be surprised that such a force can pick up the vibrations of a thought and keep it stable. eternal motion. Established and known facts about instantaneous sound transmission Possible locations for radio equipment My theory of vibration transmission From one thought to another, a very optimistic time for America The economy was booming , science and industry were progressing, so Soon, for some , nothing seemed impossible , needless to say Communication from one mind to another wasn’t taking place from the living , but if you Take, for example , this remarkable technological study held back at the beginning of the 21st century. Communications and artificial intelligence , you combine them with knowledge of DNA The human genome seems possible theoretical form. communication between one thought and another takes place Organizers either , we now reach the point where students can come together in the process Classify and organize useful knowledge through the harmonious combination of two or more ideas The birth of organizational genius or the collective brain The term « organizational genius » is abstract and has no equivalent in the realm of known facts , with the following exceptions : Some have carefully studied the effects of spirituality on others. The spirit is made up of Concerning the ether that fills the universe, we know that some spirits will become antagonistic on contact, while others will manifest a natural affinity between the two extremes of natural antagonism and natural antagonism. The spontaneous affinity generated by encounters at the top of the brain has a range of possibilities About the possible reactions between two minds.

Some spirits are so naturally suited to each other that love at first sight is immediate, while in other cases, the spirits show antagonism and violent inversion from the very first meeting. These reactions occur without a single word being spoken, resulting in a chemical reaction and vibrations that affect both individuals in a pleasurable way. As we saw earlier, the spirit is probably composed of energy. It’s obvious that the meeting of two minds has an effect, even for the casual observer, and it’s logical to explain the change in mental attitude between two minds that have just met by attributing this to a disturbance in the electrons or units of each mind. It is undeniable that contact between two spirits results in a perceptible effect, or a different state of mind from that which existed before. It is not necessary to know the reason for this reaction, the important thing is to know that it happens on every occasion. This known fact is the starting point for illustrating what I understand by the expression « organizing genius ». Organizational genius can be achieved by bringing two or more minds together to create a perfect harmony, known as « mind chemistry ». Creating a third spirit that can be used by any or all of the individual spirits, these organizing geniuses remain available as long as the harmonious body is favorable between the spirits. As soon as the favorable agreement is broken, all trace of its previous existence disappears. Specialization leads to feelings of isolation, futility and futility, and he believed that members of the collective brain had to move away from their respective professions to former a group larger than each individual, which is the macrocosm, an integrated system that synchronizes a historically complete totality. A complete holistic system of all the parts a person consciously masters and communicates with himself and with others. Others, not simultaneously and not identically, though always complementary and right. Partially overlapping macroscopic and microscopic elements are always and everywhere present in the sequence of events of physics and metaphysics. The measurable and immeasurable universe is a dynamically synchronized mental stage. This chemistry and soul foundation is the reason for almost all so-called soul mates and eternal triangles. Unfortunately, many people fall victim to divorce or ridicule. This great law of nature is ignored, and often gives rise to malicious remarks that we are not unaware of. The first two or three years of a union usually bring many disagreements of varying degrees, since these are the years of adjustment, the survival of the relationship, and permanent agreement is almost certain, which is another case where the reasons are not understood circumstances, facts and perceptions, even if other factors may intervene.

The lack of harmony during the first years of union is largely due to the slowness of the chemically harmonious union of the mind, in other words, the electrons or units of energy that separate the mind rarely reach their peak during stabilization at first contact. Fostering marriage their gradual adaptation, except in rare cases, usually after about ten years of living together, the spouses become mutually hostile and thrive even if the slightest hint of the mental state called love cannot be detected outside an intimate relationship. Not only is there a natural affinity between two souls, but this sometimes leads them to adopt similar facial expressions or speech patterns. Other types of similarities Human behavior experts can easily identify partners in a group of strangers by observing their facial contours and vocal timbre after being introduced to them . Couples who have been together for a long time bear an uncanny resemblance to each other. The chemistry of the human mind is so powerful that any experienced speaker can quickly explain how his audience receives words; the antagonism that exists in the mind of one person among a thousand can easily be perceived by experienced speakers . By learning to feel and record the effects of this type, the speaker’s goal is to be able to perceive his explanations without the sounds and facial expressions of the audience, propelling him to the pinnacle of public speaking. Where to embarrass him to the point of complete and utter failure, and without the slightest sound or physical expression involved, all dealers know the psychological moment when the deal is signed, not through the words of the potential buyer but the often obscure words. the intentions of those who uttered them, as interpreted or felt by the seller, as a result of the chemical reactions in his mind, but a correct interpretation of the chemical reactions in his mind allows no error, and all those who have The ability of a salesman is that most buyers tend to adopt a negative attitude until The culmination of sales is attributed to the chemical reaction of the soul. A lawyer gifted in developing a sixth sense can discover and explain what goes on in the minds of witnesses, beyond the lies and He clearly states that some lawyers have developed this skill without knowing its true origins and have mastered it without scientific understanding. Salesmen behave in the same way as people who have the art of correctly interpreting the chemistry of other people’s souls.

Act as if they can enter through the front door of the soul’s house, explore the house as they please, note every necessary detail, but present a complete picture without the owner knowing he has a visitor, because you know the soul’s chemistry. you know, when two spirits come together, a perceptible mental change occurs, they react either with hostility or kindness, each spirit has something we can call nature. Electric fields depend on the character and chemistry of the spirit involved. The mind in the creative field I believe that the normal or natural conditions of the chemistry of all individual minds are the result of the combination of his physical heritage with the nature of his dominant thoughts, and that each mind is constantly evolving until one day his philosophy and ideas emerge. His habitual way of thinking has changed his brain chemistry. I firmly believe that anyone can voluntarily alter the chemical composition of their mind in order to attract or repel those with whom they come into contact. In other words, we can adopt a mental attitude that attracts people and pleases them or repels them and . elicit Their conflicting attitude, without the aid of the playful language of physiognomy or other physical movements , now comes down to the definition of a genius organizer , a mind that consists of the union of two or more minds in a process . and resulting from coordination . Spirits of perfect harmony , you grasp the full meaning of the Mountain of Harmony , as used here , two spirits will unite , or this camp , not only if the elements of perfect harmony are present , this is the secret of success or failure . Virtually all companies and associations, whether sales managers, military commanders or other leaders, are aware of the importance of group spirit, common understanding and cooperation in achieving success. The harmony of this collective spirit converges towards the goal through voluntary or forced discipline, enabling minds to come together in an organizing genius. The chemistry of each mind is altered so that it comes together and acts as if it were a single mind. Each leader uses his or her own approach to coordinate the partisan spirits, one will use force, another persuasion, another fear of punishment, another rewards, with the aim of bringing each spirit back to this common harmonious meeting place. Different scientific, political, economic and financial fields have numerous examples of how their leaders have used techniques to promote spiritual union between their members. However, the great leaders of history were born with an innate ability to facilitate chemical bonds. Attraction to other spirits , here its own definition and explanation of charisma , originally meant a religious power or leadership that made certain people exceptionally attractive. The subject has attracted historians of religion and politics , psychologists and other social scientists . the establishment of a collective spirit If only one of its members is a negative, unsympathetic spirit, no group can achieve the harmony of an organizing genius, because positive spirits won’t be able to unite with it. Ignorance of this fact has led many a skilled leader to failure. This principle of the chemistry of the mind can be used by any skilful leader to bring the minds of almost any group together harmoniously, but this harmony will be temporary and will break down as soon as the leader leaves the group.

The most successful sales groups meet at least once a week to encourage interaction and stimulate the individual minds of engineers. These meetings are usually devoted to talks led by the leader and other group members. The leaders of these groups may not always understand what’s going on in the minds of their members at these meetings, which are usually devoted to discussions. Occasionally, spirits meet and recharge each other during these exchanges. The brain of a human being can be compared to an electric battery as they become exhausted, discharged, desperate, discouraged and drained of their loan. What mortal has never felt this way? In such a situation of exhaustion, it is necessary to recharge the human brain by contacting one or more spirits with greater vitality. Don’t you trust cooperation? See what happens to a wagon when it loses a wheel. Contemporary thinking and the study of Asian philosophical and religious practices have spawned many unknown forms of recharging and spirit, such as yoga, meditation, various forms of prayer, spinning and other techniques. These practices all have their followers. The end of the 20th century also saw an incredible interest in the personal development movement. This trend has given free rein to countless course books on cd and dvd, and every week thousands of people pay to attend seminars, conferences and conventions to hear motivational speakers or spiritual leaders tell their stories. some experts have denigrated the long-term effects of such techniques, calling people who attend these seminars addicts who need a new one every week to motivate them he wouldn’t have accepted such cynical comments because he was aware that this was a perfectly logical aspect of human nature Sexuality represents the common spirit. If you understand the importance of maintaining regular contact with a more vigorous mind to keep your spirit alive or recharge your mind, sexual contact is one of the most effective stimulants to recharge your mind, provided the contact is made intelligently between two individuals feeling genuine affection. Any other sexual activity leads to mental fatigue, and any competent psychotherapist can recharge a brain in a matter of minutes. Before concluding this brief reference to sex as a means of revitalizing an exhausted mind, I’d like to point out that all great leaders, regardless of background or upbringing, have a strong sexual nature. The relationship between sexuality and creativity is complex and changes several times over the course of one’s life. While they recommend the union between a man and a woman, he doesn’t seem very inclined to recommend that leaders include women in their collective brain trust. in more recent works such as Think and Grow Rich, he alters his position and recommends the sublimation of sexual energy. the factor creating such an opinion surely stems from the fact that these audiences were entirely male. In the original version of The Laws of Success, the business climate of the 1920s and 1930s did not favor women’s independence to reach their destination. The majority of the examples come from men, and mentions of human potential are always attributed to the masculine gender, as, for example, they mention what a man can or can’t do. Many psychologists and medical researchers believe that all illnesses manifest themselves when the brain’s capacities are diminished or exhausted. A person with a living brain would almost always be in good health. once a cure and medication are administered.

For example, it mentions the actions a man can or cannot perform. According to many psychologists and medical researchers, all illnesses occur when the brain’s capacities are diminished or exhausted. A person with a healthy brain would be almost entirely immune to all forms of disease. The aim of all medical professionals is to cure disease every time a cure and medication are administered. Laying on of hands, chiropractic, osteopathy and all other forms of external stimulation are merely aids to nature. In reality, all these means merely stimulate the mind’s chemistry until they readjust the body’s cells and tissues, regenerate the brain and enable the human body to function normally. Most conventional practitioners would agree with this statement. So what are the prospects for future development in the field of mind chemistry? Thanks to the principle of the harmonious union of minds, we can enjoy perfect health. It can be used to help us develop the strength to meet the challenges of the financial pressures we all face. We can deduce the future possibilities of mind chemistry by taking stock of past achievements, bearing in mind that these successes did not materialize in most cases. If the accidental discovery and arrangement of minds is the result of a happy coincidence, mind chemistry can generate enough power to enable the fused individuals to perform magic tricks. Apparently superhuman strength. The strength and power of human beings to succeed in all their endeavors. A limited amount of power that can benefit anyone with the intelligence to extract their own personality and immediate personal benefit. Merging their spirits in perfect harmony and observing your greatest strengths. It is impossible to develop organizational genius without this element of perfect harmony; it is impossible to merge one mind with another unless both minds, once separated, are both awakened and stimulated to harmonious attention. The individual units of each mind being separated along different lines of interest, the third element of benevolent or harmonious alliances, organizational genius, brought together three leaders who are among the most powerful men in business today. It would be a group made up of Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Winston Churchill, and while the idea of such a meeting might be interesting, it’s hard to imagine that a perfectly harmonious meeting, if such were the case, would be likely to violate half the antitrust laws, and there are many other modern examples of collective brains in action . What other term can you use to describe the dream factory of unified creation? Who hasn’t heard of the classic example of Grams and Steve Jobs… together in the garage to lay the foundations of the first Apple computer that started the computer revolution . Practical examples of mind chemistry. Let’s now take a look at the achievements of some well-known personalities who have amassed immense power and might . the use of mind chemistry. Three individuals considered major achievers in their respective fields of business economics and professional commitment. Henry Ford Of these three entrepreneurs, Henry Ford is considered the most powerful, as he was linked to economic and financial forces. Many observers believe he was the most powerful of all time, because he proved more astute than the financial cartel of the United States. He collected millions with as much ease as a child fills a bucket of sand at the beach. According to those close to him, they could send out a request for money to raise $1 billion and receive it in less than a week. They did it with the same determination. If this were the amount of a monthly rent for a person of average income, she could get all that money by intelligently using the principles on which relief is based.

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In 1927, while the new Ford car was still being perfected, it is reported that he received orders accompanied by payment for over 375 thousand cars. If we estimate the cost at $600 per unit, that’s a total of $225 million he received before making a single delivery. This was the strength of the trust people placed in Ford’s skills. Thomas Edison, philosopher, scientist and inventor, was perhaps the most relentless student of nature’s Bible. He possessed so much knowledge, and the knowledge he collected was sorted into groups for the benefit of mankind. The laws of nature show that no one before him approved of this encounter Placing a needle point and a wax disc on a turntable so that sound vibrates Humans can record and reproduce via talking machines like phonographs. Edison was the first to master electricity and harness incandescent light for human use, and he created motion pictures, to name just a few of his modern marvels. Under the guise of science rather than superhuman strength, he surpassed all the so-called miracles described in the novel Harvey Firestone and the Great Spirit. Firestone Tire Industries , Akron, Ohio These industrial achievements are so well known in the transportation field that it seems unnecessary to comment further. All three began their careers with no financial capital and little education, but they succeeded and were educated, which made us strong. Now let’s consider where they got their prosperity and power. So far, only effects have been observed. the true philosopher desires to understand the cause of a given effect fort d’edison and firestone had been close friends for many years he used to retire to the woods once a year for a period of rest, meditation and recuperation in my opinion but perhaps without their being aware of it there was a harmonious bond between them that fostered the union of their minds in organizational engineering. perhaps without them being aware of it, there was a harmonious bond between them that fostered the union of their minds in organizational engineering was the real source of each other’s power this collective brain resulting from the coordination of the minds of ford edison and firestone made his men capable of listening to influences and sources of knowledge to which the common mortal had no access, If you have any doubts about the principle or effects described, the facts themselves support it. We know that these three men possessed great power, were prosperous, began their careers with no capital and little schooling, their minds were accustomed to regular contact, and were favorably disposed toward each other. Their achievements are so exceptional that any comparison is pointless. They worked according to natural laws. Economists and scientists recognize laws, with the possible exception of the law on which the chemistry of the mind is based, which was not yet developed enough to be classified by men of science in their known repertoire of laws. An organizing genius can be developed by any group of two individuals who wish to coordinate their minds in perfect harmony. The most conclusive results occur when six or seven minds are combined. Some believe that Christ was aware of the principle of mind chemistry and that his seemingly miraculous feats were born of power. This doctrine was developed through the union of the spirits of its 12 apostles. When one of them, Judas Iscariot, renounced his faith, the organizing genius immediately disintegrated, resulting in the shattering events we know today. An opposite example is Adolf Hitler, who kept the minds of his people in bondage and committed numerous crimes against An even more powerful organizing genius was defeated by his immoral use of the collective brain, enabling Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill to unite their peoples in valiant effort. Interestingly, there are many people in these United States.

We oppose and wage war against Hitler and his allies, including President Roosevelt, but we practice many of the principles of the laws of success to convince the public of the necessity and righteousness of such a project. Great leaders can truly create harmony where none exists. Roosevelt’s collective brain survived his death just as Christ’s did, while Hitler’s perished with him. Not all collective brains change the course of history, but they can make significant contributions that are valid for an era. When women were rarely allowed to start businesses, Mary Kay devoted her life savings to developing and marketing a line of cosmetics. To succeed in her venture, she set up an organizing genius with women who appreciated her products, because there were so many obstacles to women’s success. At that point, she realized that the idea of giving her representatives a chance that no one else could do was a challenge she took on by working hard for herself. Today, it offers a multitude of awards of distinction, the most obvious of which is the famous pink Cadillac. Thanks to a powerful collective brain, over two hundred thousand women worldwide sell American cosmetics, symbolizing courage, a standing army of the soul that protects it from conquest, pillage and slavery. Henri Van Dyke, or several individuals in a group, bring their minds together to create a collective brain, each with the power to communicate and gather knowledge through the subconscious of other group members. This power is immediately visible, as it stimulates the mind to a higher level of vibration. This manifests itself in the emergence of a sixth sense, through which new ideas are generated. The group met to discuss the nature and form of the dominant topic, which influenced the individual’s mind. The given topic will spark ideas in the minds of the members present, as if they were originally there. The minds of the participants were influenced by an outside influence, causing them to act as genial organizers. Magnets attract highly structured, practical ideas and thoughts that don’t come from nowhere. The union of minds, which I define as organizing genius, can be compared to the action of those who would connect several electric batteries to a single transmission cable, resulting in consequences. increase the power flowing through the line. Each battery added would result in an increase in The strength of the current is proportional to the total energy. They are subject to the same phenomenon. occurs when the spirits of a group unite to form an organizing genius thanks to the principle of the chemistry of the spirit each spirit stimulates all the other spirits in the group until the spirit’s energy reaches a peak allowing it to penetrate and connect to the universal energy the earths they contact in return every atom in the universe the radio process illustrates this theory the vibrations of the som multiply as they pass through powerful broadcasting stations, then are picked up by the much higher vibratory energy of the ether and carried in all directions An organizing genie composed of several united spirits capable of generating intense vibratory energy is roughly constituted, a precise equivalent of a radio transmitter.

The influence of the chemistry of the mind is known to all experienced speakers. When each listener is attuned to his or her own vibrations, there is an obvious increase in enthusiasm, often resulting in oral peaks that surprise the audience as much as the speaker. The first five to ten minutes of a speech are usually devoted to the so-called warm-up period, which consists of bringing the spirits of the speaker and listeners together in a spirit of harmony. This is what happens to all speakers when perfect harmony is not achieved for the whole audience. The manifestation of so-called supernatural phenomena at so-called spiritualist meetings is the result of the reaction of the spirits present. These phenomena rarely manifest themselves at the start of the meeting, as it takes around 10 to 20 minutes for the group to harmonize or gather its vibrations. It is likely that the messages received by members of a spiritualist group come from one of two sources: either from the vast mine of information in the subconscious of certain group members, or from the universal mine of information in the ether, or from all thought vibrations. No known natural law or human motivation supports the theory of communication with the dead. However, anyone can explore the store of psychological knowledge of others through this principle of chemical psychology, it is possible that this energy can include contact with any vibration and Eric if there is no word and energy, these two things are known. of the universe can be transferred but cannot create or destroy the theory and all the highest and most refined vibrations like those because of the idea that protects the world based on the fact that there is no matter or energy two white. The universe can be created or destroyed but it’s logical to assume that all vibrations have been enough to collect and concentrate in the ground will last forever, Small vibrations that are not in harmony or in contact with the earth may be felt by some before long, all the so-called wise will be able to get their name due to their alliance with other spirits, they will allow to raise their own vibration,a sense of identity that allowed them to contact the great temple of knowledge recorded in the division the earth of our universe continues to find a source of financial power. The achievements of the entrepreneurs I admired in a Chicago group called the Big Six were demonstrated. of William Wyler Jr. the owner of the chewing gum company that bears his name. Annual personal income exceeds $15 million John R grocery Thompson, owner of the same name, Albert Lasker and Thomas Media Company, Charles P McCulloch, shareholder of Mali Express is America’s largest travel agency and Williams, Richie and William Jones and Hertz is a partner in the yellow cab service financial institutions distribute services through these six men and others worth $25 million, an annual average of around $4 million per person, a study reveals that none of them benefited from the advantages of special education and that they all began their careers with their capital or high credit ratings, and by their own approach rather than by a fortunate coincidence of the wheel of fortune, the six men formed a bond of occasional friendly encounters with the aim of helping each other. Sharing ideas and Recommendations relating to various aspects of its business ( other than Hertz and Durich) None Others have legal partnerships and these meetings are just to help mutual Benefit in sharing ideas and occasional recognition of certain guarantees when one of the group members has encountered a temporary emergency . Every member of the Big Six is a multimillionaire. This does not constitute. It’s a detail worth m en tioning in itself , but it’s worth determining that these six have learned Harmonizing their minds by uniting them in the pursuit of perfect harmony creates a course of genius The organizers have opened doors for them that are usually closed to the average person.

United States Steel is one of the world’s most powerful industrial organizations. In a world where ideas for the development of industrial giants germinated in Delbert’s mind, you took a break. A suburban lawyer who grew up in a small Illinois town near Chicago. He’s surrounded by a team and has managed to unite their minds to create perfect harmony. As a result, his organizational genius proved to be the driving force behind the massive U.S. Steel Corporation.
Whenever you see enormous success in a particular field, whether it’s finance. Industrial policy Whatever your profession, would you say there’s a person behind that success? The application of the principles of the chemistry of the mind has given rise to the geniuses who have organized these extraordinary successes. It often looks like the work of one person. But if you look closely, you’ll find others, who are in tune with their thoughts, remember that no more than two people. It’s necessary to apply the chemical principles of the mind that can create organizational genius. When we discover people’s limitations, we stop being interested in them. Once we become aware of a person’s limitations, they lose interest in our eyes. The only sin is limitation. One of the most fascinating stories of the computer age and the human age. Intel Corporation, whose new edition is now ready for publication, is one of the leaders in the computer components industry. Intel’s most prominent figure is undoubtedly Andrew Groves, the company’s CEO who immigrated as a waiter to the table to meet his personal needs. However, his skills and abilities as a manager were not part of Intel Grove’s success. The technical knowledge and innovative spirit of Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore contributed to the company’s growth. Each of them was exceptional in his or her own right, but together they created a company that dominated its field and was one of the most profitable businesses in the field . knowledge is the power of human power , the preference of the high-tech industry lies in knowledge organized by intelligent efforts , if the individuals involved do not coordinate their knowledge in a spirit of perfect harmony and energy, then no effort can claim to achieve it be organized; this is the reason for the failure of almost every business. It is possible that they frequently made mistakes in implementing the principles that gave birth to this force. Because of the simplicity of Ford’s methods of coordinating minds, at least at the beginning of the experiment, before acquiring the wisdom of application that developed naturally with maturity. Putting the principle of mind chemistry into practice was initially the fruit of an alliance with other minds, notably that of Edison. Mr. Ford’s great insight into the laws of nature was undoubtedly first the fruit of his great complicity with his wife long before he met Edison at Firestone. Individuals who achieve success without being aware of the real reason for their success are frequently supported by their spouse using the principle of organizing genius, taking into account Mrs. Ford’s remarkable intelligence. I am convinced that it was her spirit, combined with that of her husband, that enabled her to take her first real step towards power.

In the early days of his career, Mr. Ford faced powerful personal enemies, such as his illiteracy and lack of culture, which were more pronounced than for Edison and Firestone, who were all endowed with a natural aptitude for acquiring and applying knowledge. Ford was forced to take his talents beyond the boundaries of his education in record time. He managed to turn three of mankind’s most resilient enemies into assets – the true foundations of his success. Ignorance, illiteracy and poverty are mankind’s three main limitations, and whoever also manages to use them properly deserves this in-depth analysis. We find ourselves in an age of industrial power, where the organized effort of the management of industrial enterprises has made it possible to effectively organize workers through the trade union movement. However, there have been many cases of industry effusion, resulting in almost unlimited power, as at United States Steel Corporation. What’s more, the media regularly inform us of company mergers, whether in industry or finance, where enormous resources are managed by a single management, resulting in considerable power. Sometimes it’s a group of banks, sometimes it’s a railroad company, sometimes it’s a group of Algerian companies, all coming together in a highly organized and coordinated effort to build power. General, unorganized knowledge is not power. The material from which real power can be developed represents only potential power. Contemporary libraries contain a poorly structured record of all valuable knowledge, which testifies to the current level of our civilization of which we are the heirs. This knowledge does not represent power, because it is not structured. Every form of energy, be it animal or plant, must be structured to ensure its survival. After their extinction, the giant animals that fill nature’s graveyard have left mute but concrete proof that non-organization implies the annihilation of the electron, from the smallest particle of matter to the universe’s largest star, and every material element in between. provides indisputable proof of one of the first two laws of nature and that of happy organization, the individual who recognizes the importance of this law and makes a point of familiarizing himself with the various ways of applying it. Advantageously, the competent businessman not only became aware of the importance of the law of organized effort, but used it as the basis of his strength. Many business people who had no knowledge of the principle of the chemistry of the mind have accumulated great power simply by organizing their knowledge. Most of those who discovered this principle and developed it as organizing engineers made this discovery by chance, often subsequently neglecting to recognize its true nature or to understand the source of their power.I think we can count on our fingers the people who have consciously used the principle of mind chemistry to develop their power, by bringing minds together, if this assessment is accurate. There seems to be no fear about the complexity of practicing mind chemistry, which is one of the most complex tasks for a businessman, namely persuading his associates to coordinate their efforts in a spirit of harmony. It is virtually impossible to establish such assiduous cooperation within a group, whatever the nature of the business. Only the most competent leaders can achieve this much sought-after goal, but occasionally one of them rises above the fray in business or finance, like Henry Ford. Thomas Edison John des Rockefeller seniors, with Arhman or James Chill. Power and success are almost synonymous. One begets the other, so anyone who possesses the knowledge and gift of developing power through the harmonious coordination of effort through the merging of minds can succeed in any reasonable endeavor for which a favorable outcome can be envisioned. It’s impossible to become a power in your community or to achieve lasting success in a few ventures, however honorable they may be, until you’ve grown to the point of blaming yourself for your mistakes.

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