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How to boost your business offline with Internet marketing

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Are you a promoter of an off-line business, and you want to use the Internet to help you discover and grow your income? That’s good, Internet marketing is not at all for online businesses, and there are lots of techniques you can use to increase your business offline.

You will discover in this section the main method of Internet marketing that you can adapt in your own company, but before, let’s see what Internet marketing can bring you materially.

Get more customers and more sales:

Internet is increasingly used by your prospects to do research on what interests them, and not being present on this medium is – nowadays – considered « suspicious ».

Conversely, having a good existence on the Internet allows you to engage those who are there anyway, with or without you.

And of course, being on the Internet allows you to attract a renown interested in your products and services, and therefore increase your number of prospects, customers, etc., or even your sales instantly.

Diversify your sources of income:

If the Internet allows you to bring more people into your existing sales processes, it also allows you to create new ones to diversify your sources of income. This can be done in two ways:

Firstly, you can sell online products and services that you sell in your traditional business too …

This simply allows you to reach a new audience outside your catchment area, and therefore gives you the opportunity to sell more by expanding your market.

This is also not uncommon for a small company, the success of its online store, decided to close the offline store to focus only on the Internet (larger market, lower costs, etc.).

Secondly, you can sell online products that are complementary to what you sell in your company: for example, if your company sells fishing tackle, why not sell online digital training on this subject:

it will have the double advantage of adding a source of income, while establishing your status of expert (if you have created a training you know « necessarily » your subject in the head of your prospects). And since we are talking about expert status.

It is also convenient to reach customers offline through creative advertising. You may want to try to cover your vehicle with your logo and the address of your website. Your business then has a mobile platform, which allows your business to follow you on the move. Business cards can also be a form of advertising. Drop them off at local coffee shops, on public bulletin boards, wherever you think your customers might be. Can you use media, radio, television or local newspapers to excite audiences.

Grouping customers in ways that are usually reserved for traditional businesses could ultimately increase your online sales. There are many other ways to reach your customers; See other ways to promote and advertise your business online in an offline market.

Because we are in 2018, the majority of companies want a website, which at first sight seems like a great idea. However, the problem lies in the way business managers approach this subject, that is, they want to have a website because they consider it an obligation. Having a website only for a website is an expensive expense that does not have the potential to impact your business results, which translates into a bad return on investment.

This last advice is counterintuitive and very difficult to swallow for managers from business schools who have always taught them the opposite, especially for those who are perfectionists at the base. However, if you take the time to think about it, what is the purpose of launching a new product? It’s finding a new source of long-term growth for the company. And what is the only truly relevant way to know what features on your new products will generate more interest in a new niche or market segment? By having real feedback from real consumers.

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