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What we never told you

You put a ticket in front of you and well behind the ticket you have a world you see it you don’t see it but enter the subtle invisible spiritual side and you will see the world that there is
behind then you put a ticket you put a string you hide behind a wall and you shoot you will see that people will follow the ticket it’s something a ticket you look at what’s behind the ticket and you have life daily life of men with money.

Money, this energy which accompanies humanity since the dawn of time, reflecting the soul of the one who has it, sometimes has an instrument of power when it is in the hands of those who want the fall of humanity, sometimes an instrument of blessing when it is in the hands of those who wish it well. You see money is something that appeared in the midst of men as men left the sea the land to go to the Father men left the sea that is to say to live with nature to live together in nature in a simple life living without asking questions but being in total harmony with the sea and living totally with it with the animals with the plants with themselves in family in tribes in community together knowing all the secrets of the sea but the money was not present there was no money when men live with the sea there is no money because the sea takes care of ‘them and they live in harmony with it from the moment men begin to leave the sea to leave the land then and money appeared, money appeared from the moment man left nature.

Besides, even in life the child does not live in truth with
money, money began to appear as a concern when the child left his parents to make his life in the world, money at the base was something positive. Do you know that we consider that behind everything there is a being a soul an intelligence and a higher world what appeared through money it was a principle which was the foundation of the exchange
and wealth and enrichment and sharing.

A man had oxen and he wanted to take a long trip
he needed a horse for that so he said I’m going to trade an ox
against a horse but the other men said a horse is worth two oxen, I have a horse that’s worth 2 but I don’t need an ox on the other hand if you give me three donkeys I’ll give you my horse then I had to he finds out how much three ox donkeys are worth. Who wanted to change with oxen to go and change these three donkeys with horses do you imagine the complexity of this law of exchanges then men invented a universal exchange a universal language which was money and money given a value to things a horse voting an ox voting a donkey voting the wheat voting and all began to be worth something and it was an enrichment and something like something that did not exist before because beings began to have a value of course that is dangerous.

Even if we want to go towards this sense of money very often it’s like touching places on the man’s body where the man is in pain and then he will start screaming and we won’t even be able to talk about it. It is even extremely difficult to manage to talk about money in a pure way so much that men find it difficult even to approach one way by saying true and fair words it is very difficult because everything is confused when we talk about money I tell you that basically money was something pure like exchanges where everyone was in wealth where everyone was in abundance or there was abundance on the earth the money was to make our lives easier.

So if you wanted to have the money here’s how you had to do it
you had to grow wheat do something to work and then you had to go and give part of what you lived in time so that the priests could live on what you give them
and bring the blessing upon you then you had a greater fortune in your life that is to say you gave a kilo of wheat you received 3 kilos of wheat but how you received it but you received it because you had the blessing of a higher world then when men had the same God.

He began to help each other because it was from above that everything was built and men had an expanded consciousness of a great respect for God. Then there was a sky above their heads and the harvests were abundant life was abundant families were protected everything was protected by the existence of God because men were aware of what life is on the
earth.You know it’s always so simply the God of the temple it’s not the same anymore it’s all called the stock market and the modern temple of money the stock market price and ultimately wait for the return of what he gives but it is no longer something that is in the domain of the higher world it is something that has fallen but when you look at Jesus several times he talks about money he says in particular things that can seem surprising no one can serve God and money is money negative this is the first idea we have of it but money belongs to God and it is God who gives it that’s it what he means and if you separate God and Money then evil happens but if you recognize that money comes from God and it must return to God and it is lent to you and you owe it grow for the good of all then you are in the truth you must receive and you must give and by giving you make the money grow the money must circulate as much as possible p people must receive money very quickly the more money circulates the richer we are the more artisans there are the more businesses there are the more people the richer we are the more money circulates and comes back the more you give the more you receive.

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So in reality this is what was said God and the Money once he told Jesus this parable a master that is to say God the
divine world gave talents money to some of these servants to one he gave five talents to another he gave three to another he gave one and he said he gives this money and after he has he is left and when he came back to the one who had acquired he had given five talents of gold this one had made him fruitful he blessed him another had made him very fruitful he blessed him and the other the last said to him i buried your money because i know i know you you are a ruthless master you like to make profit so i give you back the money i didn’t spend it i didn’t lose it and this one he is not blessed he has
did nothing with his life he didn’t make the money grow he didn’t make what had been given to him grow so he says we have to make things grow we have to bring things to bear fruit Jesus speaks about the money that we must make fruitful another time Jesus was speaking in the temple and the priests were full of hatred against him because Jesus had the words of truth and the priests were constantly confounded in front of his words so they went to see the tax collectors and these tax collectors at the time they had the right to death over a being who would have said a word against Caesar they said to his tax collectors go see the Master Jesus and trap him so that he speaks against Caesar they go to the master and tell him but you are a true being you don’t care about flattering beings you say things as they are you don’t you don’t spare the susceptibilities you don’t spare the big ones but do you we have to pay the tax to Caesar Jesus tell them why do you want to trap me show me what you want to pay with
the tax so he shows him a coin on which there is Caesar’s head
and Jesus said to them render to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s then it is said that these beings have been disappointed and have gone away.

the tax collectors are the priests it’s surprising but it’s the truth what I tell you all the ancient texts tell us the tax is due to God you will give to the father the of you will give to the Father so that the father lives and if the father lives in the world of men then everyone is in abundance but if the father does not live
in the world of men it is poverty it is an offense to God or homage to God you know the prayer father your hallowed name your kingdom come your kingdom so you are the king it is your kingdom we spoke well of the Kingdom of God who says kingdom says king thy kingdom come thy will be done the will of the king of the reign of the kingdom in the name must be sanctified he is a Caesar
on earth as in heaven it’s unequivocal it’s in both worlds it’s not that in heaven it’s also on earth in the reality of our daily life our taxes our money our finances this what we do with the money what we do with our lives to whom we give the money to whom we give our lives gives the bread, that is to say the wealth all the needs to live on earth forgive the offense is not to pay the tax is not to give the offering to God is not to recognize who is the truth who is the great and who is the true king. is not necessarily to pay the tax to Caesar but of course that if you understand it is an offense to God if it is an offense to God it means that it is misfortune that will fall on humanity is it a misfortune on humanity but listen there is only to open your eyes look at our economy and to whom who manages our
lives and our economy these beings who came what did they hope deep inside they said to themselves here you are Jesus we hear your words we understand that in reality you are a son of God and we know that Caesar is not God so you who have wisdom tell us do we have to pay tax to Caesar how we can do and jesus actually enlightened them because jesus was a guide a teacher of light a wise a son of God he has the language of the divine world these beings were dreamers they thought that God was going to save them that God was forgiveness and love while Jesus condemned them eternally saying to them render to Caesar what has Caesar and to God what who belongs to god

But what did you put there, you put the seal of Caesar
now it belongs to Caesar but not this money your whole lives you are priests and worshipers of Caesar you belong to Caesar and not to my father’s kingdom you have created two worlds the world of the Father and the world of Caesar now you will live in the world you created and there will be no other worlds for you that’s why he is marked in the gospels who left while being upset they were amazed at what he said because now he no longer had freedom because the truth and what it is takes away your illusions even the illusions of freedom that is to say the false beliefs the illusory beliefs that make men think they are good and who are fair when they do anything with their lives the world is magic man must be aware man very often gives his life for these things and it goes in this direction you must give to God what belongs to God.
I can quote you the gospels read the gospels in the light of this what I just told you you will understand things do not worry from evening to morning what you are going to eat what you are going to wear seek the kingdom of God and everything else will be given in addition you will know true wealth fair trade dignified life is beautiful honest to be really and not pick up thieves who make nothing worth anything anymore what does a horse see what is a cow worth how much is the earth how much is god did god take then he is the treasure of treasures he is what must be honored above all why he is the common good he is heaven above our heads he is our families and our children he is our food he is all that lives he is the blessing to everything but we must not offend him i.e. we must not devalue things we rise given value to
things a man of worth gives worth a poor man gives poverty the world has become poor
because in reality it is a debt America super indebted Canadasuper indebted Europe super indebted all the countries indebted the banks are rich from the debt and the mortgages that they have they are not rich from the truth they are rich
increases in value of debts the more the beings are in debt, i.e. slaves the more these beings are rich the more the helpers are driven into slavery the more these beings are rich the more these beings are rich the less the money is worth something the less the money is worth something more everyone is degraded.

I don’t know if I can make myself understood look at what happiness is for a baker happiness for a baker it’s a profession of love you can’t be a baker if you don’t have love.
the illusion of money which is not at all an enrichment but an impoverishment the gods are no longer there there is no longer the offering to the gods but it was good products from real wheat no pesticides no all these things then which gave good harvests but the beautiful thoughts of men their hearts their love their solidarity not the assurances which keep us away from each other you understand all this idea you can go and search if you like there are only that interests today especially with the financial scandals of all this history how the banks work how the money works where does the money come from how the States bequeathed our rights to the banks and that the banks mortgaged us we were sold to you listen well we will not go into all these details there is no need there is just to say usurper and we will have everything
understood again our rights our future

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Fair trade is real trade, how can we put fair trade with the third world, that trade be fair, that is to say that it enriches all beings, animals, plants, the earth, but chemicals on the land is not fair trade the land is not taken into account and is not paid for it is enslaved to serve the animals is not fair trade the animals are not taken into account they are sold and reduced to slavery he who makes by the sword will perish by
the sword he who led into slavery will be led into slavery who everything you did to the little one that is to say the animals the plants the earth the thoughts the words you did it to me I am the God of the living and not the God of the dead because the god of the dead is the God when it suits me he is God that is a name of God that men have not yet deciphered but it is their God you’re God when it suits me but when it doesn’t suit me you’re not God finally that we know I who am God and it’s me who decides I have the right to do what I want when
I like it I say what I want with my words but no the word is alive it is the God of the living not the God of the dead thought is alive the animals are alive and we have the right to respect in the name of the Father go to the Father and the father will speak to you and tell you what you must do

It was to go to the priests and to the religion which gave true wealth and ennoblement it’s a whole way of seeing the world so we are told we must not trade with a higher world but of course that we must trade with a higher world I therefore urge you to reflect on the commitment
of the Essenes to deeply meditate on the shops and to make products to trade which goes towards superior worlds and which makes that men can nourish the superior worlds because it would be the fine business to say all that is spiritual must be pure and therefore without money that means that the money is pure but who made the money impure but precisely the beings who want to lead us into slavery because you are going to live without money today how we do it is the proof that in reality we have to heal money to heal ourselves, that is to say our relationships and moreover very often our relationships today are determined by money so we have to give money a
beautiful and great value and so our life will be beautiful all work must be done with honor me I remember this peasant who lived next to my house and God knows that peasants are a noble profession and moreover everything profession is basically noble men must not work to earn money they must work because it is nobility men must not offer their lives to Caesar people must offer their lives to a higher world you do not don’t find it unworthy and degrading to put a man and tell him you will work to earn money but it’s despicable as we know you will work to honor all that is beautiful and true in life and you will earn money money because money is a medium of exchange and money is beautiful and we will make money grow we will not devalue it we will take care of money the value of things tell me the value of a cow tell me the value of a cow it has no value it is a incredible creature no man is able to create a cow so we have nothing to say there must be great respect that’s a priest’s word.

It’s not a word of the Stock Exchange of these beings who respect nothing and who put values on everything and who seize these things in the spirit and in the magic and from the moment we are with them and that we think as we sit and rank and after
we tell you it’s a debt, you want me to try to deepen it would you like listen to deepen I have to draw you a picture it will be clearer and it will fix you more.

all men can recognize it is universal of whatever religions there is a message of great
in there and which showed us many secrets of life and great wisdom besides I only did
only interpret the teaching of Christ in front of you if you look closely I only did that I took these words
and applied them to the modern world money labor commerce
the unworthiness the beauty in our thoughts in our hearts we must not
not be seated we must be awake we must not let ourselves be feared by all these things we must not let ourselves be guided but we must see and move forward of course only tomorrow if we create economic activities if we can give work if we can live in all of this if we do what we have to do in a right way we will be blessed with a higher world all the doors will open and another way of living on earth will be possible will the men want it that’s the only question but if we want it some determined helpers and we can really bring something bigger on earth it’s very little that’s always how it worked very little to be determined to bring a new way
to be on earth but do men want it or are men not satisfied with this world that’s the big questions you see but I’m telling you in the long term it won’t bring anything positive not to give back to the god what belongs to the god the money belongs to the Father we must not make a world God is the money there is only one world it is
the father who gave you everything and in reality it is to the Father that you will give everything back and your life must be an offering to God and when you die, that is to say that you will meet this world and that you you will go towards expansion you will take with you what you have done if it is an offense you have been tricked my friend you have a debt we will not let you go you will always be obliged to come back to earth and pay your debt
but if it is an offering and a homage then your life is beautiful then nobody can say anything against you your life is just neither the stones nor the animals nor the plants nor the men nor the gods nor the priests the true priests the true keepers of the light so you pass and you are in splendor you are like a birdsong you are like a fragrance of a flower you are perfect be perfect like the father and perfect you get the idea we have to look at each other in the cachet not in the visible look in the cachet where your father sees you don’t fast by taking on the appearance of someone who is suffering but when you fast perfume yourself and show that you are as beautiful and young as your father wants say work in another world so look at what is behind your life and with whom you are in association and there you will understand secrets of the commerce of the shops and his mine of the shops of the products of the courage of the determination to create a world everything perfect for a world superior.

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