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How to celebrate your relationship

If you spend time looking for ways to improve your relationship, you obviously love and care about your partner and what you want to have together. Start your changes by celebrating your relationship! Celebrate the joy of meeting this very special person, find the joy of the wonderful things that « click » on you and your spouse, and celebrate what you have committed to building together. You can celebrate any day at any time and you can also celebrate by surprising your spouse.

On your next birthday, celebrate your wife and explain to him how he improves your life by giving him a gift. He or she will be so surprised that you might see a tear or two of joy fall.

Start paying attention to what he likes. Really listen to what your spouse says, pay attention to the items he would like to try one day and get for you. Do not give it to your spouse immediately and store it for a while. The time period is up to you, it can be a week or a month. When you think he will not remember having discussed the object with you, offer him as a gift.

Take a chore or a daily chore for your spouse without notifying him of your intentions. Mow the lawn, wash the car, cook and clean the meals or clean the house – do something important to him. If you find that he likes the break of a particular task, do it again and again as often as you can.

One of the most recognizable symbols of a celebration is a balloon! Fill your car with balloons and bring them home. Fill the salon before he comes home from work. Make sure to have balloons marked with your name in the heart and some should also have personal messages written. Start celebrating your love today.

Start celebrating each major and minor holiday with your spouse. Start with New Year’s Eve and do it big. See you in New York and Times Square if it’s as big as you think! Valentine’s Day must be made as sumptuous as possible. On July 4th, plan to attend the most extravagant pyrotechnic show you can find or plan for fireworks at home. Always celebrate everyone’s birthday and do it brilliantly. Your birthday should be a special day and be celebrated with an expensive bottle of your favorite drink. Dress up as your favorite fantasy characters and play your part all night long. Celebrate every day you want by staying at home after work and playing in bed. Celebrate as often as you like, but make sure you take the time to play, surprise and celebrate your relationship.

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