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Content automation in marketing

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71% of marketers are failing at content marketing in 2016. 8% more than in 2015. It’s time we did something. The marketing automation is the art of automating all the tasks that have little added value in marketing strategy in order to allow more time for value-added activities (select the right information to disseminate, exchange with influencers and customers…). It is these manual tasks, such as the delivery of content on different network (selection and dissemination), and therefore the marketing automation will be done by software that will automate all these low value added tasks.

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Give each customer a personalized experience based on their preferences, both on the web by email. This personalization of content allows you to present each user the offer suited him best, adapt hero graphics and banners, to recommend blogs or other media most likely to interest as many … actions that increase the degree of interaction with the customer and your conversion rate.

Marketing automation is a tool that changes the world of marketing. Where traditional marketing often is to shoot in all directions, marketing automation allows you to offer the right content at the right time to the right person. But it is not obvious, and the purchase of a software automation marketing ‘still gets you nowhere.

Marketing Automation, is not just to automation. The tools emerged in recent years are disrupting how to promote, much less « push » and much more « pull », an inbound marketing to attract the target, that is the great transformation. Indeed, a successful campaign requires conversion tunnels designed and developed to address upstream at best its target. By automating, segmenting, we tell stories to its audience, it motivates interaction, commitment … In short, it efficiently converts its prospects by attracting what they want.

Finally mastered social networking with the right tools for a platform for Marketing Automation. Measuring engagement and study the interaction of the community with the publications of the brand.

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