The island of Reunion
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The island of Reunion

Does Reunion Island make you dream? A nap under the coconut trees? A snorkelling session in the lagoon? Taste the bouchons and samoussas? Hiking in the most beautiful landscapes of the world? Facing a volcano at first light?
If you want to answer yes to all these questions, then a trip to Reunion Island is a must!
Reunion Island is an island located in the Indian Ocean, near Madagascar and Mauritius. It is part of France but the culture is very different from that of the Hexagon. The populations mix, the landscapes are beautiful and the volcanoes compete with each other. No wonder this little paradise is called the Intense Island!
Reunion Island is very important to us, we have traveled there a lot and we love to discover the beautiful landscapes of this island. We have been living there for almost a year now. On the blog, we will make you discover this island dear to our heart by sharing with you our favorite addresses, the breathtaking hikes and the activities that will make this trip unforgettable.