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What are the defects that prevent you from having a successful budget ? No, do not shoot with mundane reasoning as I have no vein is the communnauté is my boss is my kinship ties …  12072547_904756056275324_5333238501094595789_n

Be honest point: why your resolutions this year are they just materialized ?

Among the most trivial causes of non-progression, we just quote :

  • too high lusts : made objectives and sub-objectives wiser, registered in time
  • Poorly defined objectives : getting rich is an obsession, become entrepreneur and chase the first purchaser is both more diplomatic, more tangible, more accessible and operative.
  • The routine : if your goals have a horizon that the end of the week or preparing weekends, all the better if it suits you, but in the case dévaforable take two hours to meditate about what you want from your life honestly
  • A lack of instruction : however, find training has nothing more simple, especially if you have internet… 6bb23514e7007d603663c43232a771d0
  • A lack of time or resources : make arrangements! it is usually easier to cut its spending,  to have some crazy finance subsidiary to make time (tv, internet, social networks …). Going back to the lack of time or resources, it makes me think of a lady who told his counselor finnancier: « I want to improve my situation but I do not want anything to change my habits » … There, apart continue PMU play until the jackpot, I see no solution!

Perfection is not to do something great and beautiful, but to do what you are doing with grandeur and beauty.

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