The marketing approach : the method

The marketing approach cultivates two elements that must basically know how to live together: the know-how that corresponds to a particular marketing technique and a savoir-être that interprets a certain marketing culture.
There are several marketing techniques but it is important to focus more specifically on three of them, especially when you start trading.
The first method is to carry out a market study to know the customers’ desires, which they need to perfect their habit both from a practical point of view

that entertaining. This kind of study will be done before the composition of the product. On the other hand, if the desired company improves a product, it will carry out a market study on it after its creation and commercialization. Launching a new product in this society requires the least preparation and imagination. The salespeople must choose what type of observation to make, how to disseminate it to the consumer and finally how to characterize their answers and do not forget to evaluate the audience of this consumption survey because we will not prepare the same expression if one must question 100 or 1000 people.

The second is the division of the market into several slices of retailers because the same product will not suit everyone and everyone does not have the same expectations with respect to a product. Each product will therefore adjust a particular type of consumer. This study is important not to offer a product at a loss that would not interest the potential customer. For example, a company that would launch a new diaper brand on the market will have to target consumers with children.

Finally marketing that is to promote a product taking into account four factors that are the price, the place of the product, its promotion and the product itself. The company  must adhere to the price of the product, its commercial presentation, the means of its promotion and determines what will be its distributors (supermarkets, specialty stores

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